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Abarene Unt Hallicris
Vital statistics
Title Senate Majority Whip
Nation Amalao
Physical attributes
Race Dryad
Sex Female
Age ?
Fighting Style Unknown


Abarene first appeared in Argent: The Consortium as a Consortium Voter.

Abarene was one of the Backer's Choice characters to be potentially included in Devastation during the Kickstarter campaign, but failed to be elected by the community.

While it has been several times hinted to appear on Pixel Tactics and Battlecon games, she has never made it to the final release version.

Quotes: []


Abarene is the dryad of a Hallicris plant, a huge carnivorous tree that devours insects and beasts alike with slow-acting poisons. Abarene herself is a master of poisons, and utilizes them in combat.

Abarene is one of the leaders of the Amalonian Senate's Old Imperial Party, a group which desires to see the return to the days of the old Draconic Empire (which a large population of Amalao's people consider to be their golden age). She is indirectly allied with Adjenna , and learns of Marmelee 's plot to stop the unbinding of the Dragon King.


Powers & Abilities[]

Abarene is a master of poisons.


Game appearances and playstyle[]

Devastation of Indines[]

(Abarene was finally dropped from Devastation´s cast)

  • When Abarene hits an opponent, the opponent must choose and give her one of her four Poison Tokens. These tokens apply significant debilities to an enemy. Abarene can ante as many or as few of these tokens as she likes during any beat after she receives them.

BattleCon: Strikers[]

  • Abarene appears as a Striker.

Argent: The Consortium[]

  • Abarene appears as a Voter.


STRIKER Abarene Hallicris
Diabolic Tares Support 3~5 Stun Guard 5

Opponents in range of this attack lose 3 life when they activate an attack.

Debilitating Poison Ante Before Activating triggers do not activate during this beat.
Thorn Guard Boost During this beat, whenever an opponent moves out of a space adjacent to you, that opponent loses 2 life.
"You won't notice a thing."

Disc Duelers[]

Attacks 2
Movements 2
Melee attack forces the opponent to discard an item.