A small nation of Indines, the people of Amalao were worshippers of the ancient dragons.

Amalao Crest

On the day the Dragon King fell, the people of Amalao decided to cut all ties with the mainland of Indines, and their druids shrouded the land in an eternal mist. It was not to be seen again for a thousand years. This fabled land of dryads , beast men, and elementals remained lost and forgotten to time, and no one who ventured to find it ever returned.

Now the lost continent of Amalao has reemerged back into connection with the mainland of Indines. A tiny bridge of land connects the recessed continent to their mainland neighbors, and the druids of the land raise and lower this bridge daily as official policy changes.


Amalao is the only nation of Indines to possess a democratic government. Their various tribes each send a representative to counsel to decide on laws and policy within the nation. The parties within Amalao are extremist and often corrupt, each seeking its own advancement and security at the expense of accomplishing any real governing. Like their ancestors, many of the people of Amalao still worship the ancient dragons, and desire to see a restoration of the draconic empire of ancient times.

Places of InterestEdit


  • Capital of the nation. Where the Assembly resides. This city is grown from trees twisted in unnatural and beautiful arrangements, and polished to look like marble. The city itself is home to beast men, ents, and dryads of all descriptions.


  • This small forest town is plagued by monsters. The villagers huddle together in desperate hope their hero will defeat the enemy and save them.

The Crenelated Spire

  • A massive tree that serves as the tower for the shadowy Archmage Demarq.

Notable AmaloniansEdit

Abarene Unt Hallicris

  • The majority leader of the Amalao General Assembly, and head of the Old Draconic Imperial Party.

Marmelee Greyheart

  • National Historian