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Amon Elcela
Body Amon.png
Vital statistics
Title Chief Containment Specialist
Nation Sanghalim
Physical attributes
Race Human
Sex Male
Age 27
Fighting Style Barrier Projector


Amon was one of the Backer's Choice characters to be potentially included in Devastation during the Kickstarter campaign, but failed to be elected by the community. He eventually made his BattleCon debut in Trials of Indines Amon also appears in Pixel Tactics 2 and Argent: The Consortium.


  • "The time has come to atone for my sins."


Amon was a prodigy in the field of artifice until his sister was killed by one of his inventions malfunctioning. After grieving, he swore himself to a lifetime of pennance in the service of the Reliquary , and vowed to keep dangerous relics out of the hands of those who might use them to harm themselves or others.


Powers & Abilities

Amon is a dedicated defensive fighter who is able to shutdown high-power offensives with ease. He uses a barrier generator to fight, creating walls of force or reflective fields to block incoming attacks and send them back at opponents.


Game appearances and playstyle

Trials of Indines

  • Amon's alert level raises each time he takes damage, giving him increased defensive options as the battle goes on.

Pixel Tactics 2

Argent: The Consortium

  • Amon is a Consortium Voter that votes for the candidate with the most Vault cards.

Character Kit in BattleCon

Unique Abilities

Ability Name Character Version Description
Damage Control Original

Amon has 4 Danger Levels: White, Green, Yellow, and Red. He begins the duel with all of them, but only one at a time is active.

Amon's Danger Level begins at White

End of Beat: If you took any damage this Beat, raise your Danger Level by 1. Otherwise, decrease it by 1.


Personal Styles and Bases

Color Name Range Power Priority Effect
Yellow.jpg Deflection +0 +0 -1

Soak 1, Stun Guard 1

Before Activating: This attack's Range includes spaces occupied by opponents that hit you during this Beat.

Green.jpg Containment +0 +0 -1

Opponents cannot move more than 1 space with each movement trigger this Beat (movement effects that require moving 2 or more are prevented)

Blue.jpg Impenetrable +0 +1 +0

Soak 3. This attack does not Stun opponents.

After Activating: Lose all Soak

End of Beat: Move up to 1 space.

Red.jpg High Alert +1~3 -1 -2

Start of Beat: You may increase your Danger Level by 1.

On Hit: Gain +1 Power per Danger Level.

Orange.jpg Regulation +0~1 +1 +0

This attack does not Stun opponents.

After Activating: Gain Soak 3.

End of Beat: Advance 1 or 2 spaces.

Grey.jpg Wall 1~2 3 2

Stun Guard 4

You cannot be moved by opponents' effects.

On Hit: Push the opponent 1 or 2 spaces.

FINISHER Code Black 1 6 1

Soak 4

After Activating: Regain 1 life for each point of damage you Soaked this Beat. Set your Danger Level to Yellow.

FINISHER Lockdown 2~5 3 6

On Hit: Choose a Style or Base from the opponent's hand or Discard Piles and remove it from the game.

Danger Level Cards
Danger Level Card Effect
Code White (Level 0) No effect
Code Green (Level 1) Stun Guard 3
Code Yellow (Level 2) Stun Guard 4, +1 Power
Code Red (Level 3) Stun Immunity, +2 PowerOpponents cannot move you.

Reveal: Opponents have +3 Power

Pixel Tactics Unit

Kings of Denial
}}} Appears in: Pixel Tactics 2 STR LIFE
Amon Elcela 0 34
Tactician 0 4
Leader All of your heroes have the Attack Power: "Attack: Remove 4 damage from this hero and 1 damage from your leader."
Vanguard Intercept

This hero cannot take more than 2 damage from a single attack.

Flank All of your Vanguard Heroes have Intercept.
Rear All of your Vanguard Heroes take 2 less damage from attacks (to a minimum of 1.)
Order Keep this order in play for the rest of the round. Your heroes and leaders take 2 less damage from attacks.

Disc Duelers

Attacks 2
Movements 1
Takes 1 less damage from melee attacks.