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Anya Southwind
Vital statistics
Title Defender of Justice
Physical attributes
Age Unknown
Fighting Style Unknown





Powers & Abilities[]


Character Kit in BattleCon[]

Unique Abilities[]

Ability Name Description
Take Flight Anya switches between Flying and Grounded forms. While Flying, she is more difficult to hit at range and more mobile, but also becomes more vulnerable to any kind of incoming damage.

Set: You are Grounded.

Limited Ante: Become Flying or Grounded. After changing to Grounded, you have -1 Power during this beat.

Personal Styles and Bases[]

Color Name Range Power Priority Guard Effect
Red.jpg Roundhouse +0 +0 +0 +0 Hit: Push 1-2. If the opponent is on edge of the arena, +2 Power.

End, Optional, Flying: Advance or Retreat 1.

Orange.jpg Justice +0 +1 +0 +0

Reveal, Flying: +2 Priority.

Reveal, Grounded: +3 Guard and Armor 1.

Before: Advance 1-2.

Yellow.jpg Liftoff +0~1 -1 +1 +0 Start, Flying: Advance or Retreat 1.

Hit, Grounded: +2 Power. Become Flying. Advance or Retreat 0-1.

Green.jpg Diving +0 -1 +1 +0 Hit, Flying: Ignore Guard.

Hit, Grounded: +2 Power. Push 0-2, as far as possible.

Blue.jpg Tailwind +0 +0 +1 +0 Hit, you moved: +2 Power.

Hit: Push or Pull 1.

Grey.jpg Kick! 1 2 4 0 Start, Optional, Flying: Advance or Retreat 1.

Hit, Optional: Push 1. Become Grounded. If you did, +2 Power.

After, Optional, Flying: Advance or Retreat 1.

FINISHER Sundowner Dropkick 3~4 6 6 0 Hit: Push as far as possible. Close as far as possible.
FINISHER Theme Song 1~2 1 6 0 Ignore Guard

Hit: For the rest of the duel, when you become Grounded or Flying Advance or Retreat 0-3.


Ability Name Description
Flying When you are stunned, become Grounded.

The opponent has -1 Maximum Range (maximum range cannot be reduced below minimum range).

Vulnerable (opponents ignore your Guard and Armor.)

Grounded No additional effects.