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BattleCon: Armory

Announced as part of the War Remastered kickstarter campaign, the Armory is a small-box expansion for BattleCon that was initially priced at $15.  Armory is an expansion to BattleCON War, Devastation, and Fate which allows you to create customized fighters using all sorts of enchanted gear, potions, and trinkets. It's perfect for players who want to test their skills atcreating fighters on the fly.

Armory contains:

  • 86 Gear cards (2 sets of 43 cards)
  • 2 sets of Beta Bases, for varied play styles.
  • 2 sets of Delta Bases, for even more construction opportunities!
  • 38 Special Bases, incredibly powerful cards that can be bought as special attacks. (2 sets of 19 cards)
  • 40 Weapon Bases, to equip the characters. (2 sets of 20 cards)


There are 4 different modes you can play with the Armory:

  • 1 - Beta duel and Delta duel - Replace the standard bases with the alternate Beta or Delta bases to change how your character plays.
  • 2 - Duel Deck - Play as Character Teams duels (3 fighters, change every time you lose a duel). Take 25 random special/weapon bases (these can match for each players, or not), and play with only these bases (remove the standard bases). Players draw a new card during recycle and put the base they just played at the bottom of the deck. Unique bases cycle normally.
  • 3 - Custom Fighter - Build a custom fighter by adding Gear cards, or adding Special or Weapon bases or replacing Standard bases with them. Cards are added/replaced at a gold cost and players choose to play with 50, 100, 150, or 200 Gold.
  • 4 - Custom Draft - Draw Gear cards and Special/Weapon bases and put them in the middle of the table. Players pick cards turn by turn until they have 100 Gold's worth of Gear cards or Special/Weapon bases. If a player passes when they have to choose, they are done customizing their fighter.