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Battle Connection (or BattleCON, for short) is a head to head dueling card game where two heroes face off against one another in a battle of tactics and strategy. BattleCON builds upon other fighting-type games by placing a focus on tactical positioning, extreme character specialization, and a wide range of viable plays at any given moment. These elements combine to make every match memorable and action packed.

The first complete BattleCON set is titled "War of Indines", and follows the adventures of the heroes and villains of a fantasy world. Indines (pronounced "In-deanz") is a fantastic world of ancient magic, high technology, and political intrigue, where daring heroes and epic villains are daily fare, and where there's always an adventure of some type to be had.

There are currently 5 core sets, all of which can be played standalone or mixed with the other core sets and expansions.


In BattleCON, both players take their actions simultaneously in a turn sequence called a beat. At the start of each beat, players choose their attacks secretly, then reveal them and execute them together.

An attack consists of two cards--a style and a base. The style is specific to your character, while the base is (typically) shared among all characters.

Bases (the right side of the attack pair) typically grant you movement, resistance to stun, and a set priority and range, and power. They are the tactics of combat--heavy punch, light punch, projectile, throw, and the like.

Styles (the left side of the attack pair) are modifiers that add your character's personal touch to the attack. They integrate your special abilities by enhancing attacks with things like time control, life drain, increased speed, the ability to absorb damage, and more.