Battlecon for iOSEdit

BattleCON for iOS was a direct port of BattleCON: War of Indines. It included two characters from the upcoming Devastation of Indines , Shekhtur and Eligor, as well as ten returning fighters from the standalone card game. Only 1vs1 modes were available and only 4 characters had an implemented.

The first version allowed for online play or local play, aswell as training against 4 AI opponents.

The app is no longer available on the iOS store.

Udpate HistoryEdit

1.0 ReleaseEdit

  • 4 unlocked characters from the start. (As per the demo version of War of Indines ). 
  • 6 additional WoI characters unlockable through online play (or bought as DLC).
  • 2 DLC only characters from DoI. 

1.1 updateEdit

  • 3 additional DLC characters were available to download. 2 from WoI and 1 from DoI.
  • Arcade mode was included featuring a random, final boss playing EX bases.
  • All of the cast has a working AI.


From War of IndinesEdit

Cadenza - Juggernaut
Demitras Denigrande - Gambler
Hepzibah Culotre - Daredevil
Hikaru Sorayama - Universalist
Kallistar Flarechild - Opportunist
Kehrolyn Ross - Aggressor                   [1.1 Update]
Khadath Ahemusei - Trapper
Luc Von Gott - Brawler
Magdelina Larington - Evolver
Regicide Heketch - Harrier                    [1.1 Update]
Rukyuk Amberdeen - Ranger
Vanaah Kalmor - Striker

From Devastation of IndinesEdit

Eligor Larington - Avenger
Marmelee Greyheart - Striker                [1.1 Update]
Shekhtur Lenmorre - Daredevil


  • Training dummies appear in training mode dressed as Cadenza , RukyukDemitras and Rexan .
  • Runika appears as one of the teachers on the tutorial.
  • Oriana opens the portal to the AppStore to download In-app purchases.