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RedMageStatscowski RedMageStatscowski 27 April 2013

Eildove Ten

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(Work in Progress)

Eildove Ten is a special ops soldier.  She is a member of Clinhyde Eight's task force along with Ottavia Six.  The team hails from the echnological city of Willat, so she is very well equipped.  Where Clinhyde prefers close-quarter combat and Ottavia prefers long range sniper support, Eildove loves defense above all else.  She acts like a caring big sister type to the others, using herself and her defensive equipment to jump in the way of the enemy attack.  Her caring nature is a contrast to Clinhyde's more intense personality.

Personality: Caring, Sisterly, Protective

Personal Possessions: FtP Shield, A handheld game

Likes: De…

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