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Vital statistics
Title Team Mascot
Physical attributes
Race Penguin
Sex Male
Age ???
Fighting Style Unknown


First appeared in Devastation of Indines as one of Lesandra Machan's summons, Borneo appears as a character in his own right as the mascot for Devastation of Indines. Borneo also appears in Pixel Tactics.

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Borneo is a penguin familiar bound to Lesandra Machan. It is often stated that Borneo was Lesandra´s first summoning and she intended to summon a demon that could improve her physical appearance. But she ended summoning Borneo instead.


Borneo is a pink coloured penguin like familiar. He is often portrayed performing menial tasks for his master.

Powers & Abilities[]

As one of the mascots, Borneo can dress as one of the Devastation of Indines getting attacks inspired on those characters.


Bound as a familiar to -> Lesandra Machan

Rival of -> Juto

Game appearances and playstyle[]

BattleCon: Devastation of Indines

  • Borneo exists in two forms on Devastation of Indines. His main appearance is as the first Summoned Familiar for Lesandra. He also shows up by himself as a Mascot for Devastation, and utilizes attacks from 7 different characters in the Devastation of Indines game, giving him a solid mix of powerful technical attacks.

Pixel Tactics[]

  • Borneo allows your team-mates to perform extra actions.

Champions of Indines[]



Character Kit in BattleCon[]

Unique Abilities[]

Ability Name Character Version Description
Oddly Familiar Original Borneo has 7 unique bases. These replace his normal set of bases.
Alternate Art
Unusually Familiar EX Borneo has 7 unique bases. These replace his normal set of bases.

Borneo's attacks have +1 Power and +1 Priority.

Uncannily Familiar Almighty Borneo has 7 unique bases. These replace his normal set of bases.

Borneo's attacks have +2 Power and +2 Priority.

Personal Styles and Bases[]

Color Name Range Power Priority Effect
Yellow.jpg Weaksauce +0 -2 +1 After Activating: Retreat up to 2 spaces.
Red.jpg Slippery +0 -1 +0 Before Activating: Advance 1 or 2 spaces.
Green.jpg Clumsy +0~1 +1 +0 This attack does not stun opponents.
Blue.jpg Pathetic +0~2 -1 +0 Ignore Stun Guard
Orange.jpg Petulant +0 +0 -2

Stun Guard 3

Ignore all movement applied to Borneo by opponents during this beat.

Grey.jpg Claw 1~2 3 4 Before Activating: Advance 1 or 2 spaces.
Grey.jpg Divider 1 4 2

Stun Immunity, Soak 2

End of Beat: The nearest opponent has +1 power and +1 priority.

Grey.jpg Hex X 3 3

The range of this attack is the space occupied by the nearest opponent. This attack does not stun opponents.

On Hit: Move the opponent up to 1 space, and he cannot activate triggered effects for the rest of the beat.

Grey.jpg Knuckle 1 2 5

This attack ignores Soak.

On Hit: Move 1 space.

Grey.jpg Master Plan X 4 0

Stun Immunity

The range of this attack is the space occupied by an opponent who has moved during this beat (disregard any range modifiers on this attack's style). If no opponent has moved this beat, this attack misses.

Grey.jpg Scene Shift X 3 4 Before Activating: Move any number of spaces. This attack hits if you switched sides with the opponent.
Grey.jpg Smoke 1~5* 2 3

This attack ignores the style's range modifier.

On Hit: Move the opponent up to 1 space.

FINISHER And the Kitchen Sink 1~4 2 6 On Hit: Discard a base face-down from your hand. The opponent must guess that base's name. Afterwards, reveal it. If the opponent guessed wrong, repeat this attack. Reclaim all bases discarded this way at the end of this beat.
FINISHER Mama Mazzaroth N/A N/A 5

Start of Beat: Reduce or increase the match timer until only 3 turns are remaining. If the duel ends due to a time-out, Borneo wins.

After Activating: Move 1, 2, or 3 spaces.


Awakening Support N/A After Activating: You have +3 Power, +2 Priority, and Soak 2 next beat.
Copycat Ante Duplicate the ante effect of a Striker in your opponent's discard piles.
Oddly Familiar Boost Return your unique base from your discard pile to your hand. If you do, you have +0~1 range this beat.

Pixel Tactics Unit[]

Costumed Rangers
}}} Appears in: Pixel Tactics STR LIFE
Borneo 1 20
Mascot 1 4
Leader After the first round of play, when you recruit a hero, that hero may immediately make an attack as a free action.
Vanguard Attack: Another Vanguard hero makes a melee attack.
Flank Attack: Another Flank hero makes a ranged attack.
Rear Attack: Another Rear hero makes a ranged attack.
Order Activate your leader's order effect.


1 1
May flip any tile. If so, opponent does the same