Vital statistics
Title & The Harpies
Physical attributes
Sex Female
Fighting Style Unknown


Guest character from Devastation of Indines, illustrated by Ragnar.


Bridj is non-canonical. She is a guest character from "Big City".


Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Game appearances and playstyleEdit

BattleCon: Devastation of IndinesEdit

  • Bridj calls upon her allies to make coordinated team attacks.

Character Kit in BattleConEdit

Unique AbilitiesEdit

Ability Name Character Version Description
Liberation Force Original

Bridj has 4 Ally Cards. During ante, she can ante one of these cards. If she is not stunned, her ally performs it's attack in priority order (her ally always loses priority ties with players).

If she is stunned on a beat where she uses an ally card, that ally card is discarded outside the game. Otherwise, it returns to her hand at the end of the beat. 

* EX and Almighty effects are added to the original UA.

Personal Styles and BasesEdit

Color Name Range Power Priority Effect
Yellow Dauntless +0 -1 +1 

You do not lose an ally when stunned during this beat. 

Reveal: An anted ally has +1 Power and +1 Priority. 

Red Liberation +0 -2 +0

Before Activating: Advance 1 space.

On Hit: Regain a discarded ally card. The recovered ally immediately performs its attack.

Green Blackout +0~1 -1 +1

Start of Beat: Advance 1 space. If you switch sides with an opponent during this movement, this attack has +2 power.

On Hit: The opponent is stunned.

Blue Unified +0~1 +0 -2 Stun Immunity and Soak 2 if you anted an ally this beat. If you are hit this beat, your ally is discarded at the end of the beat.
Orange Contra +1~2 +0 +0 Reveal: During this beat, you and your ally both win priority ties against players.
Grey Team Takedown 1~2 3 3

Reveal: If you anted an ally other than 'Mikki', this base become a copy of that ally's attack and loses all other effects. 

On Hit: Regain a discarded ally card.

FINISHER Roll Call 1 2 1

"Harpies, let's roll out!"

Stun Immunity

Reveal: All ally cards become anted to this attack.

Before Activating: Advance 1 or 2 spaces.

On Hit: +1 Power for each attack that has hit the opponent this beat.

FINISHER Bombing Run 2~5 3 5

"See the Death above, hear the Hell below, feel the World afire!"

On Hit: Push the opponent 1 space. If the opponent moved, repeat this attack. 

Additional Cards and TokensEdit

Ally Cards

 Name Range Power Priority  Effect
Pee Wee 2~5 3 2

"Haha! Right on the mark!"

Before Activating: Retreat 1 or 2 spaces. 

Mikki N/A N/A 1

"We're in place, Commander!"

Bridj has Stun Guard 2 and +1 Power

End of Beat: You and any anted ally both have +1 Power and +1 Priority next beat.

Leilani 1 3 3

"You wanna start something?"

On Hit:  Push the opponent 1 or 2 spaces.

Grace 1~3 2 5

"Get over here!"

On Hit: Pull the opponent 1 or 2 spaces.