Candide Malephaise
Vital statistics
Title  ?
Nation Afterworld
Physical attributes
Race Demon
Sex Female
Age  ?
Fighting Style Unknown


Candide Malephaise is one of the daughters of  Demon King Malephaise and is featured in one of the cooperative dungeons of Devastation of Indines (The Well of Souls ) together with her sisters. 

Candide appears in the Pixel Tactics: Seven Sisters expansion as well as a voter in the Consortium .

Quotes: Edit

“Just sign on the line, and ultimate power is yours. No strings attached, I promise…”



Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Scheming and persuasive, the voice of Malephaise gives Candide the power to influence others and make them forget themselves.


Game appearances and playstyleEdit

Pixel Tactics: Seven SistersEdit

Argent: The ConsortiumEdit



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Pixel Tactics UnitEdit

Superior Soul Scammer
PTCandide Appears in: Pixel Tactics: Seven Sisters STR LIFE
Candide Malephaise 2 18
Deceiver 1 3
Leader As an action once per wave, you can trade control of one of your heroes for an opponent's hero. The positions of the two heroes are swapped. Heroes who have acted this wave cannot act later in the wave.
Vanguard Opponent cannot attack this hero unless there are no other legal targets.
Flank Attack: Each Opponent cannot attack your unit on their next turn.
Rear Attack: A player of your choice discards 2 cards at random, then draws 2 cards.
Order Choose an opponent, then choose a random card from that opponent's hand. Add it to your hand.