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Champions of Indines

Champions of Indines[]

Champions of Indines delivers the complete Strategy Tabletop experience in a single play session--from character creation, to backstory, to climactic battle--in just one to two hours!

Champions of Indines is a Cooperative-Competitive Constructed Tactical Tabletop Game to be played by 2 to 6 players. In the game, players take on the roles of a mercenary organization, the Champions of Indines , that travel around their world searching for powerful enemies to fight and people in need to protect. Each game is called an encounter, and takes around two hours to play from start to finish (though some encounters might be longer or shorter). The larger team of players form the Heroes--individual characters who work together to fight as a group. The other team is comprised of a Boss--a single player who controls one exceptionally powerful character or a number of minions (or some combination in between)."

The game was available as a print-and-play from the official website but has gone in an undetermined hiatus since the release of Episode 4. 

Many of the characters from Champions of Indines also appear in BattleCON. Though the two games are not related in terms of gameplay, they do take place in the same world and follow similar storylines.

Episode 1 - Terror of the Southern Seas[]

Episode 2 - Ultimate Weapon[]

Episode 3 - Haywire[]

Episode 4 - Beyond the Gate[]

The Planestalkers need your help to stave off an interplanar invasion! An encounter with an alien overlord intent on destroying the world of Indines. Together, the Champions must stop Oriana from casting the spell that will shatter the dimensional boundary around the world and usher in a full-scale invasion. Fight against Oriana and her knight Zaamassal , a two-member boss team who work together to summon horrors from beyond time and space into the world of Indines.

Episode 5 - The unmaking of the August Strain

The heroes go into the heart of Willat , to a ruined laboratory abandoned years ago. Beneath this laboratory, a homunculus thought to be destroyed grows ever stronger, growing once more to the surface to take revenge on a world that deemed it too dangerous to exist. Only with the help of Lixis Ran Kanda will the Champions be able to create the antigen necessary to put August to rest once more…