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Cindra Flama
Body Cindra.png
Vital statistics
Title Argent University - Student
Nation Relecour
Physical attributes
Race Human/Phoenix
Sex Female
Age 58
Fighting Style Cinder Magic


Cindra is a character in Trials of Indines She made her first appearance in Argent: The Consortium as a supporter.


Cindra was a simple peasant girl of Relecour, before her village was burnt to the ground by a gang of bandits. She escaped with just her life, fleeing into the dark forests near her village. After days of being lost in the woods and many near scrapes with death, she discovered a lone egg resting within a crater in the woods. In desperate hunger, she ate the egg, not realizing that it was actually a Phoenix in the process of resurrecting itself.

Cindra's birth name was Cindrian Adria, but she chooses not to use this name as it brings back painful memories of her village.

At present, Cindra is a student at Argent University, and the Ward of Vice Dean Rheye Cal.


Powers & Abilities[]

Through the power of the elemental within her, Cindra is able to control ash and smoke, creating weapons, creatures, or defenses from soot. She uses these abilities to control spacing on the battlefield and attack from afar. In melee range, she is frail, and relies on her healing powers to survive long enough to regain better positioning.


Game appearances and playstyle[]

Argent: The Consortium[]

Trials of Indines[]

  • Cindra has two forms, each possessing a full set of Styles. Her Human Form is weaker, but safer, while her Phoenix Form grants extreme power, but at a cost of life. Cindra is not in control of her own transformation - when her life drops too low, she is forced to transform into her Phoenix Form.

Character Kit in BattleCon[]

Unique Abilities[]

Ability Name Character Version Description
Rebirth Original

Cindra begins the duel in Human Form.

At the end of the first Beat that Cindra has 10 or less life, her life becomes 10 and she enters Phoenix form, swapping out her normal Styles for her matching Phoenix Styles (in hand, Discard Piles, and anywhere else). She also flips her Human Form card over to its Phoenix Form side.

If her life increases and falls below 10 later on in the duel, this effect no longer activates.

Alternate Art

Personal Styles and Bases[]

Color Name Range Power Priority Effect
Yellow.jpg Ashen +2 +1 -2 Attacks at Range 3 or greater do not hit you.

Start of Beat: Retreat up to 1 space.

Before Activating: Advance up to 1 space.

Red.jpg Cinder +0 +0 -1 Soak 1, Stun Guard 2

After Activating: Retreat 2 spaces.

End of Beat, Range 1: Each adjacent opponent loses 1 life.

Green.jpg Soaring X +0 +0

X is an opponent you switched sides with this Beat.

Start of Beat: Advance 4 spaces.

Blue.jpg Phoenix +0~1 -1 +0 Stun Guard 3

On Hit: The opponent loses 1 life per space they moved this Beat.

Orange.jpg Rising +0~1 +0 +1

Before Activating: Advance 2 spaces.

Grey.jpg Wings 2~4 3 3 Soak 2, Stun Guard 2

On Hit: Regain 2 life.

FINISHER Cinder Storm 3~4 4 6

Ignore Soak and Stun Guard

On Hit: The opponent has -2 Priority and -2 Power next beat.

FINISHER Blazing Pyre 2~3 4 5 After Activating: Regain 4 life.

Phoenix Form Styles

Color Name Range Power Priority Effect
Yellow.jpg Smoldering +0~4 +2 -3 Ignore Stun Guard

Attacks at Range 2 or 3 do not hit you.

Red.jpg Kindled +0 +3 -1 On Hit: The opponent has -2 Power.
Green.jpg Luminary +1~2 +1 +1

Before Activating, Range 1: Each opponent at Range 1 is Pushed 2 spaces and loses 2 life.

Blue.jpg Perilous +2 +4 -3 Opponents who move past you lose 2 life.

Before Activating: Move up to 1 space.

Orange.jpg Ember +0~2 +2 -1

On Hit: Move the opponent 1 or 2 spaces.

Form Cards[]

Name Effect
Human Form

No Effect.

(Transform when you reach 10 Life.)

Phoenix Form

Soak 2

End of Beat: Lose 2 life. This life loss can reduce you to zero life