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Cionaodh "Kenny" O'Giaominh
Vital statistics
Title Phantom Thief
Physical attributes
Age Unknown
Fighting Style Unknown





Powers & Abilities[]


Character Kit in BattleCon[]

Unique Abilities[]

Ability Name Description
Ride of a Lifetime Cionaodh has a Motorcycle Marker which moves around continuously. As the Motorcycle moves, he can hitch a ride with it for extra mobility.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Setup: Place the Motorcycle in your space. Choose an intial Motorcycle direction, either Advance or Retreat.

Whenever the Motorcycle leaves your space, Advance or Retreat 0-1 in the same direction it moved.

Limited Ante: Shift the Motorcycle 1-3 in the direction it faces. If it reaches an edge of the arena, it reveses its direction and continues any remaining movement in the opposite direction.

Personal Styles and Bases[]

Color Name Range Power Priority Guard Effect
Red.jpg Escape +3~5 +1 -3 +4 Before, Reactive Player: Teleport to any space.
Orange.jpg Tricky +1~2 -1 +1 +0 Hit: The opponent discards a Base to Discard Pile 1. The opponent loses Guard, Armor, and Stun Immunity. The opponent gains any of those effects on the discarded Base.
Yellow.jpg Experienced +2~3 +2 +1 +1 End, Optional: Reverse the direction of the Motorcycle.
Green.jpg Daring +1~3 +1 +0 +0 After: Your opponent chooses a Style in your hand. If you reveal that Style next beat, +2 Power and +1 Priority.
Blue.jpg Somersault +0~1 -1 +2 +0 Hit: Push 1-2. If the opponent is on edge of the arena, +2 Power.

End, Optional, Flying: Advance or Retreat 1.

Grey.jpg Stunt X 3 3 2 X is a space the Motorcycle entered during this beat.

Hit: Push 1-2.

FINISHER Stealth Takedown 1 1 4 3 Ignore Guard, Ignore Armor

Damage: The opponent's  Life becomes 2.

FINISHER The Getaway X X 7 0 After: Avoid the opponent's attack.

End: Teleport on or adjacent to the Motorcycle.

End: +3 Power next beat.