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Vital statistics
Title The Sinner
Physical attributes
Sex Male
Fighting Style Unknown


Guest character from War of Indines. Illustrated by D. Hirajeta.


  • "I fell from grace... I made a deal... and I was cheated."


Danny the Sinner is non-canonical. He is a guest character from "Sinner & Saint Remix" by Iron Clown Studios. His gameplay was reworked and used as the base for Voco.


Powers & Abilities[]

Game appearances and playstyle[]

BattleCon: War of Indines[]

  • Able to summon a slew of monsters to his aid in combat, Danny fights by letting these minions do his dirty work for him, keeping his distance from opponents and making the arena as hazardous to foes as possible.

Character Kit in BattleCon[]

Unique Abilities[]

Ability Name Character Version Description
Personal Demons Original

Each turn after activating his attack, Danny may place a Monster Marker on the field on any space within his attack's range that does not contain one already. 

After an opponent activates an attack, that player may remove one Monster Marker within the attack's range. 

Whenever Danny makes an attack, the spaces that contain Monster Markers are included in the range of his attack, regardless of where he stands. 


Danny has up to 14 monster markers. At the end of each turn, he may place an additional Monster Marker in any unoccupied space. His attacks hit all opponents standing on monster markers.


Danny has up to 14 monster markers. At the end of each turn, he may place two additional Monster Markers in any unoccupied space. His attacks hit all opponents standing on monster markers.

* EX and Almighty effects are added to the original UA. Danny's 

EX and Allmighty were posted on BoardGameGeek, here.

Personal Styles and Bases[]

Color Name Range Power Priority Effect
Yellow.jpg Vicious +0 -1 +1

Reveal: This attack has +1 priority for each Monster Marker in front of the opponent.

On Hit: This attack has +1 power for each Monster Marker behind the opponent. 

Red.jpg Monstrous +0 +1 -1

Stun Guard 2

End of Beat: If Danny hit the opponent this turn, place an additional Monster Marker on any unoccupied space.

Green.jpg Fallen +0~1 -1 +0

On Hit: This attack has +2 power and ignores Stun Guard if the opponent is standing on a Monster Marker

After Activating: Move 1 space.

Blue.jpg Sinner's  +1~3 -1 +0 After Activating: Move up to three Monster Markers into adjacent spaces that do not already contain Monster Markers.
Orange.jpg Shackled +0~1 +0 -1 Opponents may not move into the spaces occupied by Monster Markers during this beat. 
Grey.jpg Hellgate N/A N/A 0

Soak 3. This attack does not hit opponents or deal damage. 

After Activating: Move directly to any unoccupied space. 

End of Beat: Danny may place 3 Monster Markers in spaces that do not contain Monster Markers already. 

FINISHER The Dark Ride N/A 2 6

This attack's range is all spaces containing Monster Markers

On Hit:  Remove the monster marker beneath the opponent, then move the opponent 1 space and repeat this attack.

Additional Cards and Tokens[]

Danny's promo kit includes 7 Monster Markers. all which just have one ability: "Danny's range always includes this space."