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Disc Duelers is a competitive yet lighthearted dexterity game. In the game, you will take control of a group of characters from the World of Indines games, and pit them together against an enemy team in a test of tactics and skill. Disc Duelers is a game you can play on any smooth tabletop with any kind of terrain. Players take turns moving their discs by flicking them along the table, attempting to collide with enemies and smash them into terrain or off of the table to do damage.

Disc Duelers will contain over 50 characters and rules for multiple play modes like Classic Brawl, Volleyball, Cooperative Boss, and more! Disc Duelers is a much more chaotic and casual game than BattleCON, and appropriate for any group that likes a slightly more complex party game or for duelists who want a more skill-oriented competitive game. It can be taught in about 5 minutes and plays in about 30-45 minutes. The game plays 2-6 players, and works well with any size party in that range.

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Characters in Disc DuellersEdit


Here is a list of all known characters in Disc Duellers:

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