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Eligor Larington
Vital statistics
Title Successor of St.Kelbran
Nation Jefferys / Sakha Sario
Physical attributes
Race Human
Sex Male
Age 22
Fighting Style Counterattacker


Eligor is a character in Devastation of Indines, but was released as an advance preview in the BattleCon iOS App. He also appears in Pixel Tactics.

Quotes: []
  • "Sometimes when I'm slighted I get angry. Sometimes when get angry, I get even. That's not called cruel, that's called fair."
  • "You see this crest? I earned that for killing a man who did what you're thinking of doing. And I would love another one."
  • "I will have my revenge..."
  • "Now is the time for a new legend. I’ll be the hero they sing about for the next millennium!"
  • "I was raised reading and re-reading the Great Chronicle in an abbey, by monks who revered the old heroes and legends. I want to have my name on those pages someday."

  • Shekhtur: Woah, what’s this?
    Eligor: That’s called a Gorget, you wear it around your neck. It’s useful if you’re expecting spears.
    Shekhtur: Ooh, and what’s this one?
    Eligor: That’s a vambrace, it’s a kind of plate shield for your forearm.
    Shekhtur: All this stuff is so cool.
    Eligor: Armor is situational… you can’t just put it all on at once, you have to equip for the foe you’re planning to face, and to compliment your strengths and fighting style.
    Shekhtur: Whatever. I’m going to be invincible with all this stuff, just watch!


The Templars are a wandering order of monk-knights who keep peace and slay monsters within the borders of Jeffreys. Eligor has been serving his duty to the common folk of the realm for three years now, but as the times of peace draw to an end, he is searching desperately for some great task to make a name for himself.

The inheritor of the legendary sword of Saint Kelbran, Eligor's soul is one of pride and unrest. While his duty is to the people of Jeffreys, his real interest is in making a name for himself by striking down some great monster or performing some epic quest.

Plot During BattleCON: Devastation[]

When Runika Zenanen asked for volunteers to aid her in her quest to defeat the Dragon Queen, Eligor alone stepped forward and accepted the errand, despite its impossible odds. Their adventure took them all across the continent of Indines, where they met many new allies such as Shekhtur, Joal, and Khadath. Once he defeated Adjenna and Greyheart, however, Eligor uncovered a far more sinister plot, one that would push his skills and beliefs to the very limit.

Later Adventures[]

After his adventures with Runika, Eligor returns to serving the people of Jeffreys as a Templar. His skills are once again called for when the keys to the lost Vaults are uncovered. Merjoram, the princess of Jeffreys, asks for his aid in preventing these relics from falling into the wrong hands. Though already a hero of great renown, Eligor is intrigued by the mystery of the vaults and the legendary Underlands that were sealed away from the surface world, and so agrees to adventure alongside Merjoram and her knights.

10 Facts about Eligor[]

  1. Eligor was born out of wedlock. His mother, Magdelina’s aunt, was still very young at the time, and so left him in the care of Kerhault Monastery as a baby.
  2. He grew up under the tutelage of the monks, and decided to join the order of the templars when he came of age, desiring to become a hero in the style of the old heroes of the Grand Chronicle.
  3. He received his Red Lion Crest from King Alexian XXXVII for killing Daill “Black Dog” Tredge, a notorious rogue mage who terrorized cities in the eastern portion of Jeffreys with shadow and lightning magic.
  4. The prayer beads he carries are made from Shorec Wood, and monks often pray with them when seeking temperance and endurance through hardship. These are a relic of his upbringing in a monastery, not a standard tool for templars.
  5. His hair is naturally platinum blonde, like his cousin Magdelina’s.
  6. He has no idea who his father was. He knows his mother, Brynne, but she and Eligor are not particularly close, and she hasn’t said anything to Eligor about his father.
  7. The three dots on his forehead are consecration marks tattooed there in a ceremony when he was ten. They are a common sign for monks of Ka-Shin.
  8. His patron deity is Ka-Shin, the goddess of Light, Justice, and Judgment.
  9. He is extremely distrustful of mercenaries and other sorts of career soldiers. He temporarily joined the Jeffrian irregulars out of desperation for the opportunity to make a name for himself in battle, but would normally not consider such a path. It was during this time that he met Runika.
  10. He is allergic to Trussas, the cute, fluffy animals that inhabit the woods and fields of Indines and which many people keep as pets.

Personality: Self-absorbed, quick-tempered, honorable

Personal Possessions: Sword of Saint Kelbran, Red Lion Crest (a distinguishing mark of service)

Likes: Deep fried foods, official documents, biographies

Dislikes: Criminals, mercenaries, spicy food, abstract art


Eligor wears polished golden armour and a cloak, and has shoulder-length silver hair - looking like the quintessential paladin.

Eligor's sword is a sacred relic, the Sword of Sage Kelbran. It was wielded by Sage Kelbran, who was notorious for the draconian punishments he meted out during his days as a templar.It did not originally have the chain attached. Eligor had the chain modded onto it so that he could use the sword as a ranged weapon, an action which deeply distressed several of the priests who ordained him as a templar.

The Red Lion Crest Eligor wears was given to him as a decoration by King Alexian for tracking an infamous Jeffrian kidnapper and returning his head to court.

Powers & Abilities[]

Eligor wields the sword of Saint Kelbran, and excels in the defensive sword arts.



Devastation of Indines

  • Eligor is a combatant in Devastation of Indines, as well as one of the cover art characteres. In Devastation, his playstyle name is Avenger, as he focuses on tanking hits and hitting opponents back. His Unique Ability, Sword of Vengeance, gives him added defense for each token he antes; he gains more simply by getting hit.


  • Eligor's Striker card can help to counter attack and stun the opponent.

Pixel Tactics[]

  • Eligor appears in Pixel Tactics under the Templar class, which focuses on defense as well as "revenge", or attacking opponents while on the brink.

Champions of Indines[]


Character Kit in BattleCon[]

Unique Abilities[]

Ability & Subtitle Character Version Description
Sword of Vengeance

Successor to Saint Kelbran


Eligor begins a duel with 2 Vengeance Tokens. Whenever he takes damage from an attack, he gains Vengeance Tokens equal to the damage taken. He has a limit of 5 of these tokens.

Eligor can ante Vengeance Tokens for Stun Guard 2 each. He gains Stun Immunity if he antes 5 tokens in a single beat.

Martial Law Alternate Art

Eligor has 5 Vengeance Tokens, and begins a duel with none of them.

At the start of each ante step, Eligor loses 1 Vengeance Token.

Whenever Eligor would take damage, he may choose to discard 1 Vengeance Token per point of damage taken.  If he discards a token, he ignores that point of damage.  If he does take the damage, he gains one Token instead.

NOTE:  Eligor's Aegis provides Soak based on how many Vengeance Tokens are in his token pool, instead of his ante.

Seeking Retribution EX Eligor begins a duel with 2 Vengeance Tokens. Whenever he takes damage from an attack, he gains Vengeance Tokens equal to the damage taken. Eligor has a maximum limit of 7 of these tokens.

Eligor can ante Vengeance Tokens for Soak 1 and Stun Guard 1 each. He gains Stun Immunity if he antes 5 or more tokens in a single beat.

Eye for an Eye Almighty Eligor begins a duel with 2 Vengeance Tokens. Whenever he takes damage from an attack, he gains Vengeance Tokens equal to the damage taken. He has a limit of 7 of these tokens.

Eligor can ante Vengeance Tokens for Soak 2 and +1 Power each. He gains Stun Immunity if he antes 5 or more tokens in a single beat.

Sword of Protection

Golden Templar

Promo Eligor has 5 Vengeance Tokens and begins the Duel with 2 of them. Whenever he takes damage, he gains one Vengeance Token. At the end of a Beat, he gains one Vengeance Token.

Eligor can ante Vengence Tokens for Soak 1 and Stun Guard 1 each. He gains Stun Immunity instead if he antes 5 tokens in a single Beat.

Personal Styles and Bases[]

Color Name Range Power Priority Effect
Yellow.jpg Vengeful +0 +1 +0

Stun Guard 3

Eligor ignores all movement applied to him by opponents during this beat.

Before Activating: Advance 1 space.

On Hit: Gain 2 Vengeance Tokens.

Red.jpg Retribution +0 +0 -1

Soak 2, gain a Vengeance Token for each point of damage soaked (max 2)

Before Activating: If you were hit during this beat, you may move directly to any space adjacent to an opponent who hit you.

Green.jpg Counter +0 +1 -1

Start of Beat: If an opponents base has the same name as yours, that opponent is stunned.

Before Activating: If you took damage this beat, advance up to 1 space for each point of damage taken.

Blue.jpg Martial +0~1 +1 -1 Before Activating: This attack has +2 Power if you have taken damage during this beat and +2 additional Power if you have 5 Vengeance Tokens in your token pool.
Orange.jpg Chained +0 +0 -1 Before Activating: Discard any number of Vengeance tokens to pull the opponent 1 space per token discarded.
Grey.jpg Aegis 1 X 0

Reveal: Soak 1 for each Vengeance Token you anted during this beat.

The power of this base is equal to the printed power of the nearest opponent's attack pair.

FINISHER Sheet Lightning 3~6 4 6 On Hit: Advance until you are adjacent to the opponent. The opponent cannot move next beat.
FINISHER Sweet Revenge 1~2 X 0

Stun Guard 3

The power of this attack is equal to 3 times the printed power of the nearest opponent's attack.

Eligor's life cannot drop below 1 during this beat.

Additional Cards and Tokens[]

  • 5 Vengeance tokens

Unofficial Rule FAQs[]

  • Can I use Eligor's Alternate Unique Ability to reduce the incoming damage with token I gain from the damage? Let's say I would receive 4 damage. So can I gain 2 token from the first 2 damage and discard them to prevent the second 2?
No. All damage is taken at once and Eligor has to discard the tokens before he takes the damage in order to prevent it. (Official FAQ)
  • If you are playing with non-standard bases, for the purposes of the Counter style bases with the same color (or equivalently icon) are equivalent.
  • Does the soak from Aegis remain during a clash? Yes
  • What happens if Eligor plays Aegis or Sweet Revenge and the opponent plays a finisher? A: Eligor copies the power of the finisher (unofficial ruling)


STRIKER Eligor Larington
Vengeful Blade Support 1~2 Soak 3

End of Beat: If you were hit during this beat, activate this attack again.

Counterriposte Sudden Ante Start of Beat: An opponent whose attack pair contains a base with the same name as yours is stunned.
Counterriposte Preparation Boost Start of Beat: An opponent whose attack pair contains a base with the same name as yours is stunned.
"I'll put an end to you!"

Pixel Tactics Unit[]

Drums of Vengeance
}}} Appears in: Pixel Tactics STR LIFE
Eligor Larington 4 23
Templar 1 6
Leader Heroes in this unit have +5 attack strength if they have taken damage during this wave.
Vanguard +1 Strength for each damage on this hero.
Flank Supporter takes no damage from attacks targeting him.
Rear Attack: Switch places with any allied hero, then perform a melee attack.
Order Any hero who attacks or did attack your unit with a melee attack during this wave is defeated.

Disc Duelers[]

Attacks 1
Movements 3
After any turn in which he takes damage, he takes a free move and a free attack action (unless defeated).




BattleGUIDES Episode 1 Eligor Larington

Sample 3D Model[]


Eligor 3D Turntable

This model was created as a test sample by an unknown independent sculpting studio.