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Type: Natural - Natural creatures are those which appear naturally within Indines.

The Elvan race is widely varied and has a deep connection to nature. Thought to be born from millennia of the mixing of elemental races and humans , Elvan are capable of adapting to new surroundings almost instantaneously. Through meditation, an Elvan can attune himself to a new area, taking on physical traits and instincts for survival there that would otherwise require ages to evolve naturally. This trait, along with a hardy physique, makes them natural explorers.

Elvan are one of the major races of Indines and have established a major nation at the northern mountain reaches (Willat) .

Unlike humans they are soulless and do not die of old age. For this reasons there are no Elvan ghosts nor can they be found on the Afterworld aside from very specific circumstances.

List of known Elvan Characters[]