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Ernie the Geek
Vital statistics
Title Board Game Geek
Physical attributes
Sex Male
Fighting Style Unknown


Guest character from War of Indines.  Ernie is only available via the BGG web store.


Ernie the Geek, mascot of BoardGameGeek, joins BattleCON as a promotional character.


Ernie has several different pieces of art on his cards, each referencing different iconic board games.

Powers & Abilities[]

Game appearances and playstyle[]

BattleCon: War of Indines[]

  • Ernie begins the game by distributing his game counters across the board, then collects them back over the course of a duel to gradually increase his capabilities. Will you prioritize certain stats to take advantage of your enemy's weaknesses, or try to build up gradually for a solid, well-rounded fight? And how will your enemies respond to your attempts to collect more? With his signature attack "Tableflip" and his finisher "Raise the Stakes" (that forces you to play another game from your collection in order to resolve), Ernie is a force of geekdom to be reckoned with!

Character Kit in BattleCon[]

Unique Abilities[]

Ability Name

Character Version


Collector's Pride Original

Ernie has 7 Game Tokens, each printed with a different effect. At the Start of a Duel, Ernie arranges these tokens as he wishes on the spaces of the board. 

At the end of a beat, Ernie can pick up a Game Token in his space and add it to his Token Pool. 

Ernie applies the effects of all Tokens in his Token Pool to all of his attacks. 

NOTE: Ernie was released as a War Classic promo, when there was no distinction between Tokens, Counters and Markers. While they are called Tokens, they would be Markers according to the current ruleset. 


Ernie has 2 sets of game tokens (he may stack two tokens on top of each other if he runs out of empty spaces to place them). He may pick up only one token from a space at the end of a turn.

Allmighty Ernie has 2 sets of game tokens (he may stack two tokens on top of each other if he runs out of empty spaces to place them). Whenever he moves, he may pick up at most one token from a space he moves into during that move. He may pick up only one token from a space at the end of a turn.
* EX and Almighty effects are added to the original UA. Ernie's 

EX and Allmighty were posted on BoardGameGeek, here.

Personal Styles and Bases[]

NOTE: Ernie, together with Mark.PTO and Iris, are the only characters with different unique arts in each of their Styles.







Yellow.jpg Thematic +0 +0 +0 Start of Beat: Choose one Game Token in your Token Pool. That token is applied one additional time this beat.
Red.jpg Party +1~3 -1 -1 Start of Beat: Retreat up to 1 space.

On Hit: You may pick up 1 of Ernie's Game Tokens in your opponent's space.

Green.jpg Abstract N/A -2 -2

This attack automatically hits the opponent (unless its base has a range of N/A).

End of Beat: Retreat any number of spaces

NOTE: According to the updated rules, attacks with a range of N/A can't hit at all. for all effects, the range should be considered X.

Blue.jpg Classic +0~1 -1 -1

Start of Beat: Move one of Ernie's Game Tokens on the board to any space not occupied by a player or other Game Token.

Orange.jpg War +0 +1 -2

Soak 2

End of Beat: Advance any number of spaces.

Grey.jpg Tableflip 2 3 4

Before Activating: You may pick a Game Token adjacent to Ernie.

Before Activating: Push the nearest opponent up to 1 space.

FINISHER Raise the Stakes 1 0 5

On Hit: Choose another game from your collection that can be played by two players and challenge your opponent to that game. If you win, +6 Power. 

Additional Cards and Tokens[]

Ernie has 7 Tokens (that would be Markers according to the current ruleset for BattleCON). His tokens have no name, just values: 2 Tokens with +1 Power, 2 Tokens with +1 Priority, 2 Tokens with Stun Guard 1 and 1 Token with Range +0~1.