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Jasper Haekel
Vital statistics
Title Student (Argent University)
Nation Extraplanar
Physical attributes
Race Rasp
Sex Male
Age ?
Fighting Style Unknown


Jasper was one of the Backer's Choice characters to be potentially included in Devastation during the Kickstarter campaign, but failed to be elected by the community.

He features in Pixel Tactics 2 and as a supporter in Argent: The Consortium

Quotes: []


Rasps are natives of the Plane of Shadows, a relatively near plane filled with darkness and nightmares. Jasper has crossed the planes to visit Indines and learn about culture and magic, hoping that he can bridge the gaps of tension and prejudice that exist between Indines and his own world.


Powers & Abilities[]

Jasper is capable of controlling shadows and draining life energy from others. He is a well-rounded fighter that focuses on reducing opponents' capabilities and increasing his own to gain the upper hand.


Game appearances and playstyle[]

Devastation of Indines[]

  • Jasper has 4 Aura Tokens. During ante, he can ante one token to gain its effects. His effects focus on taking properties from opponents and adding them to his own attacks (Ex: "The power and priority bonuses/penalties on the nearest opponent's style are transferred to Jasper instead"). His styles and unique base allow him to recover tokens.

Pixel Tactics 2

Argent: The Consortium

  • Jasper is supporter card.


Pixel Tactics Unit[]

Rasping Regiment
}}} Appears in: Pixel Tactics 2 STR LIFE
Jasper Haekel 5 19
Warlock 2 3
Leader As an action, you can defeat one of your heroes to defeat an opposing hero with remaining life less than or equal to your hero's attack strength.
Vanguard When an opposing Vanguard hero is defeated, remove all damage from any hero with non-lethal damage.
Flank Attack: Discard 2 cards to destroy a hero with no supporters or forerunners.
Rear Ranged Attack

A hero attacked by this hero cannot attack during this wave.

Order Keep this order in play for the rest of the round. Opponents cannot Recruit.