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Joal Kalmor
Vital statistics
Title Legendary Hunter
Nation Sanghalim / Imperial City
Physical attributes
Race Human
Sex Male
Age 36
Fighting Style Unknown



First featured in Devastation of Indines.[]

Quotes: []

  • "I just need one opening..."
  • "One, two, three, and done."
  • "Look, I'm just here for the dragons."
  • "You should know it takes more than a little stone gaze to kill a professional monster hunter."



Joal is a world renowned monster hunter who travels the world in search of new quarries to track and eliminate. He is known for dispatching golems, werewolves, husks, undead, and particularly dragons.

Joal is a master of many types of weapons, and many of the monsters he takes down require specialized tools and techniques to dispatch. He enjoys a certain amount of celebrity in his home country, but his real aspiration is to take down a truly legendary monster, such as the Dragon Queen Adjenna, or one of the great Disasters.

Story in Devastation[]

Hearing rumors of a dangerous monster in the northeastern city of Kherdoza, Joal traveled there, only to meet up with Eligor and Runika. Together, they hunted down the creature plaguing the city, which turned out to be Shekhtur, and returned her to her sanity. Together, the four adventurers headed to Adjenna's tower in hopes of defeating the Dragon Queen Adjenna and preventing the return of Dragon King Greyheart. In the battle with Adjenna, he stays behind when the party has to flee, presumably sacrificing himself so that the rest of the team can escape.

Story in Trials[]

Learning the legend of the Vault Keys, Joal signs on to act as a bodyguard to Amon Elcela, as the Reliquary Specialist hunts for the legendary artifacts. Their travels take them across the lands of Indines, where they come across many familiar faces from their previous adventures.

10 Facts about Joal[]

  1. His primary job is to hunt monsters for the Sanghalese government. He is one of many officially sanctioned monster hunters that work for the government, and he is not able to take on outside work until his government duties are finished.
  2. He is proficient with all sorts of weapons, and has even designed a few himself, though these deal specifically with certain types of monsters, and aren’t good for general use.
  3. He fights with a six-pointed Ironstar, which is the modern style. The six points are a reference to the six gods (omitting the seventh apocryphal god, Gan’tzurn). César, the other Ironstar wielder in the cast, uses a 5-pointed star, a relic of the kind made right after the death of the machine god, Mak’terix. Joal’s star is made of an aluminum alloy, which makes it light enough for a human to wield (but still heavy). By contrast, César’s is made of steel.
  4. Joal loves shopping for new weapons, but his wife, Vanaah, decides what his budget will be. His home is already full of weapons, so she’s started agreeing to fewer and fewer purchases.
  5. As a boy, Joal watched the arena games in the Imperial Undercity, where men and beasts fought before crowds. From a young age, he wanted to be an arena gladiator.
  6. He was apprenticed to an older monster hunter, Yoran. When Yoran retired, Joal inherited his weapons, the most valuable of which is his Binding Knife.
  7. Joal is a decent marksman, but prefers to use melee weapons or thrown weapons. His hand cannon is mainly used to stun an enemy and giving him time to move in.
  8. Joal gets most of his assignments from the Temple Prophets, like Seth. He knows Seth, but has never met the Empress herself.
  9. Shekhtur once robbed Joal’s house, and stole a valuable sword from him. He thinks it’s just lost in his stash of weapons, but she recognizes him.
  10. Joal has an apprentice of his own, Ivana Titanheart, who goes on many adventures of her own and takes on less-dangerous hunts while Joal is away. Her apprenticeship is almost at an end, and she is currently searching for a government post of her own.


Joal wears mismatched clothes and hides his face behind a bandana. He has a multitude of weapons on show at all times.

Powers & Abilities[]

Joal has mastered many weapons, including his Binding Knife, Rune Blade, Hand Cannon and the Ironstar, a giant shuriken-style weapon.


Game appearances and playstyle[]

Devastation of Indines[]

  • Joal has a plethora of unique bases,which he can switch out and later add to his hand to increase his options.


  • Joal's Striker card can counter other Strikers or give him the ability to second-guess his opponent's play.

Seven Card Slugfest​[]

  • Famous monster hunter who has countless stories to tell, and claims to have traveled to strange and faraway lands. His punches sometimes have different damage ratings than their backs say.


Character Kit in BattleCon[]

Unique Abilities[]

Ability Name Character Version Description
Weapon Master Original

Joal has five unique bases.

At the start of a duel, he combines his standard bases with his unique bases, and then chooses any four of these bases to set aside out of play as a Stockpile.

He sets up for a duel using the bases in his hand as normal.

Every Trick in the Book Alternate Art

Joal has 5 unique bases instead of one.  He begins a duel with all of his unique bases in hand.

At the end of each beat, all bases Joal played or discarded that beat are moved to his stockpile instead of his discard pile.  When Joal's stockpile has 9 or more bases in it, he returns all of them to his hand.

Geared Up EX Joal has 5 Unique Bases instead of one.

Joal begins the duel with all of his Unique Bases in play.

Unlimited Weapon Works Almighty Joal has 5 Unique Bases.

Joal begins a duel with all of his Unique Bases. With each Attack Pair, he will play an additional Base.

Joal executes his attacks twice in Priority order, executing each attack as it comes up in Priority order, paired with the same Style. Stun Guard and Soak from his Bases stack together.

If Joal is stunned, he cannot execute any further attacks during the beat.

Personal Styles and Bases[]

Color Name Range Power Priority Effect
Yellow.jpg Warded +0 +1 -1

Stun Guard 2

An opponent who hits you cannot activate On Hit and On Damage effects.

Red.jpg Dual Wield +0 -1 +0

Joal cannot move past opponents this beat.

After Activating: Play another base from your hand, then execute this attack again with that base replacing the original base. Both cards will go to your discard pile this beat. This effect does not trigger for the second attack.

Green.jpg Slayer's +0~1 +0 +0

On Hit: The opponent cannot activate Before Activating or After Activating effects.

End of Beat: You may add a base from your stockpile to your hand.

Blue.jpg Relentless +0 +2 -3

Stun Guard 3

Joal cannot take more than 5 damage during this beat.

Orange.jpg Cutthroat +0 +0 +1 Start of Beat: Advance up to 2 spaces. If you moved past an opponent, your attack stuns that opponent on hit.
Grey.jpg Knuckle 1 2 5

This attack ignores Soak.

On Hit: Move 1 space.

Grey.jpg Binding Knife 1 1 4

This attack ignores Stun Guard.

Before Activating: Advance up to 1 space.

Grey.jpg Hand Cannon 2~5 3 3 On Hit: Move the opponent 1 or 2 spaces.
Grey.jpg Ironstar 1 4 0

Stun Immunity

Opponents cannot move past you.

Grey.jpg Runeblade 1~2 3 2

Stun Guard 3

On Hit: Regain 2 life.

FINISHER Annihilator 1~2 -2 3 Start of Beat: Reveal three bases from your hand. This attack has all triggered effects of these bases and a power bonus equal to their combined power.
FINISHER Neutralizer 1 12 2 An adjacent opponent cannot move during this beat.

Unofficial Rule FAQs[]

  • Q: How does Dual Wield work exactly?
A: When Dual Wield's After Activating effect is used Joal replaces the base played with one in his hand. Any passive effects on the former base or effects that have not resolved by then are ignored for the remainder of the beat as if the base wasn't played at all. With the placement of the new base all values of the attack (Range, Power, Priority) are calculated anew. Changes in priority do not affect who the active player is but might be relevant for other effects tracking that number. (Official FAQ)


STRIKER Joal Kalmor
Heart Rip Support 1 On Damage: The opponent is stunned and loses 3 life.
Snapback Ante Negate the effects of another anted Striker. Both that Striker and Joal go to the discard pile this beat.
Right Tool for the Job Boost On Hit: +2 power if your priority is higher than the opponent's priority.
"For every beat, there's a suitable weapon."

Pixel Tactics Unit[]

Dragonslayers Patrol
}}} Appears in: Pixel Tactics 2 STR LIFE
Joal Kalmor 2 20
Monster Hunter 3 5
Leader While your hand is larger than any opponent's hand, your heroes and leaders have +3 Attack Strength. While it is smaller than any opponent's hand, your heroes and leader take 1 less damage from attacks.
Vanguard Once per attack with this hero, you may discard one card for +3 Attack Strength.
Flank Forerunner has +4 Attack Strength against Vanguard heroes.
Rear Attack: Clear a corpse from an opponent's unit, then draw 2 cards.
Order Clear all corpses in all units. Take an extra action.

Disc Duelers[]

Attacks 0
Movements 5
Can use a move action to declare an attack instead. Can use moves as attacks when using items.

Seven Card Slugfest[]

Name Value Ability
Ear Pull 1 Taunt
Colateral Damage 1
Monster Punch 3
Big Game Hunting 5
Sucker Punch 3 This card says "1" on the back
Gloat  0 This card says "3" on the back
Big Bluff 1 This card says "5" on the back