Vital statistics
Title Team Mascot
Nation Condao
Physical attributes
Race Panda
Sex Male
Age  ???
Fighting Style Unknown


First appeared in War of Indines as a familiar to the Water Mystic Tatsumi Nuoc. Juto appears in Devastation Extended Edition as a character in his own right and the mascot character for War of Indines. Juto also features in Pixel Tactics.

Quotes: Edit

  • "Gru-u!"


After being saved from near death by Tatsumi Nuoc, Juto was transformed into a mystical familiar.


Juto is a small panda cub - his body markings are blue instead of the classic black.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

As one of the mascots, Juto can dress as one of the War of Indines characters, wich allowes him to perform attacks inspired on those characters.


Familiar of -> Tatsumi Nuoc

Rival of -> Borneo

Game appearances and playstyleEdit

BattleCon: War of Indines

  • Tatsumi and Juto fight in tandem by manipulating their positioning on the field to gain various passive bonuses and set up their opponents to land powerful attacks. Their extensive mobility and ability to control the movement of enemies give them tactical advantages that bolster their stats and powers.

BattleCon: Devastation of IndinesEdit

  • Released alongside Devastation, Juto is the mascot character for War of Indines. He uses bases from 7 different characters in the War of Indines game for an unpredictable mix of power and positional control.

Pixel TacticsEdit

  • Juto allows your team-mates to perform extra actions.


Character Kit in BattleConEdit

Unique AbilitiesEdit

Ability Name Character Version Description
Strangely Familiar Original Juto has 7 unique bases. These replace his normal set of bases.
Alternate Art
Mighty Familiar EX Juto has 7 unique bases. These replace his normal set of bases.

Juto's attacks have +1 Power and +1 Priority.

Exceptionally Familiar Almighty Juto has 7 unique bases. These replace his normal set of bases.

Juto's attacks have +2 Power and +2 Priority.

Personal Styles and BasesEdit

Color Name Range Power Priority Effect
Yellow Fluffy +0 -1 +1 After Activating: Move up to 3 spaces.
Red Cuddly +0 +1 +1 This attack does not stun opponents.
Green Snuggly +0~1 -1 -1 On Hit: Recover 2 life.
Blue Cute +0~1 +0 -2 Start of Beat: Retreat up to 1 space.
Orange Fuzzy +0 +1 -2 Stun Guard 5
Grey Flash 1 1 6

This attack ignores Stun Guard.

Start of Beat: Advance 1 space.

Grey Lance 2 3 5 Opponents cannot move into the spaces adjacent to you this turn (but may still move out of these spaces).
Grey Press 1~2 1 0

Stun Guard 6

This attack has +1 power for each point of damage you have taken during this beat.

Grey Scythe 1~2 3 3

Stun Guard 3

Before Activating: Advance 1 space.

On Hit: Pull an opponent up to 1 space.

Grey Spellbolt 2~6 2 3 On Hit: You may choose to either pull the opponent 1 or 2 spaces, or give the opponent -2 Power.
Grey Staff 1~2 3 4

Stun Guard 4

On Hit: Push the opponent 1 space, and he cannot advance for the rest of this beat.

Grey Whirlpool 1~2 3 3

Start of Beat: Move the nearest opponent 1 space towards Juto.

After Activating: Move up to 4 spaces.

FINISHER And a Bag of Chips 1~4 2 6 On Hit: Discard a base face-down from your hand. The opponent must guess that base's name. Afterwards, reveal it. If the opponent guessd wrong, repeat this attack. Reclaim all bases discarded this way at the end of this beat.
FINISHER Ban Hammer 1 5 4 On Hit: The opponent may remove one style and one base in your hand or discard piles from the game. You do the same to that opponent.


Bear Hug Support N/A Soak 2

After Activating: You recover 3 life.

Copycat Ante Duplicate the ante effect of a Striker in your opponent's discard piles.
Strangely Familiar Boost Return your unique base from your discard pile to your hand. If you do, you have Soak 1 this beat.
"Gru-u Groo!"

Pixel Tactics UnitEdit

Kigurumi Division
PTJuto Appears in: Pixel Tactics STR LIFE
Juto 1 20
Mascot 1 4
Leader After the first round of play, when you recruit a hero, that hero may immediately make an attack as a free action.
Vanguard Attack: Another Vanguard hero makes a melee attack.
Flank Attack: Another Flank hero makes a ranged attack.
Rear Attack: Another Rear hero makes a ranged attack.
Order Activate your leader's order effect.