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Kavri Shi Shorec
Vital statistics
Title Healer
Nation Relecour
Physical attributes
Race Human
Sex Female
Age Unknown
Fighting Style Unknown


Kavri is a heavily featured character in the Indines universe, but being a non-combatant healer she has never been playable in BattleCon. She appears as a Striker, and as a unit in Pixel Tactics, as well as a playable champion in Champions of Indines and a supporter in the upcoming Argent: The Consortium.

Quotes: []


A student of Argent University at Relecour. She studies under Dean Mikhail Isen in the Divinity department. She is friends with Kallistar, Khadath and Hikaru, and usually accompanies them in their journeys.


Powers & Abilities[]


Friends with:

Pupil of:

Game appearances and playstyle[]

Pixel Tactics[]

  • Kavri's Healer class works by reducing or healing damage taken by her allies.

Champions of Indines[]




STRIKER Kavri Shi Shorec
Channeled Healing Support N/A After Activating: Recover 4 life.
Fast Healing Ante You have +1 priority this beat, and regain 1 life.
Strength of Ents Boost You have +1 power this beat, and regain 1 life.
"This should fix you right up!"

Pixel Tactics Unit[]

Magical Medical Marshals
}}} Appears in: Pixel Tactics STR LIFE
Kavri Shi Shorec 0 15
Healer 1 4
Leader At the end of each wave, all of your heroes and leaders in that wave heal 2 damage. Perform this step before checking for casualties.
Vanguard Intercept

Takes 2 less damage from attacks.

Flank Attack: Heal up to 4 damage from a hero.
Rear Attack: Heal 2 damage from up to 3 different heroes.
Order Heal up to 10 damage from heroes. Divide this healing as you wish.

Disc Duelers[]

Attacks 1
Movements 3
Heal an ally you collide with instead of damaging it. Take no damage from collisions with allies.