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Kehrolyn Ross
Vital statistics
Title Shapeshifter
Nation Willati
Physical attributes
Race Homunculus
Sex Female
Age Recently created
Fighting Style Unknown


First featured in War of Indines , Kehrolyn is the homunculus daughter of Doctor Ross, and as such the one to set in motion one of the major plotlines in the World of Indines

Quotes: []

  • "My father gave me the power to be anything, but never told me what I was meant to become."
  • “I fear there may be no room for anything but monsters left in this world. It seems you’ve already decided where to draw the lines of civilization and humanity.”
  • “August wanted more arms, twelve eyes, insect wings… and of course she could have all these things but father always said ‘no’. August never understood why she shouldn’t take a more efficient and capable form than the one she was born with, but I understood, somehow. This body is an anchor. If I change my face, I lose my self. August changed herself so much that she forgot who she was… that’s the fate I fear the most."


The magisters of Willat control all Technomagical research within their borders, and place strict bans on sciences that can create new life. The eminent Doctor Aaron Ross, after losing his titles and property for defying these sanctions, retreated into the wilderness of Willat and opened a secret laboratory. With the help of his assistant, Lixis Ran Kanda, he created two exceptionally powerful Homunculi, Kehrolyn and August, using forbidden techniques in bio-alchemy.

These two homunculi possessed the power to use Alchemy for themselves and alter their own physical appearances and capabilities, effectively upgrading themselves with any kind of natural weapon or armor they want. Unlike August, Kehrolyn has a built-in limiter, which prevents her from deviating too far from her default form. August, though far more powerful than Kehrolyn, became more and more unstable (both mentally and physically) during her development, and would have been decommissioned if not for the disaster that befell the laboratory.

Plot During BattleCON: War[]

Aaron Ross's laboratory was discovered by the Magisters and destroyed in a sudden, deadly raid. Ross and August perished in the raid, but not before August managed to destroy nearly an entire battalion of clockwork soldiers single handedly. Fearing that Kehrolyn may be just as dangerous as her sister, the magisters have sent Rukyuk on a mission to track down Kehrolyn and Lixis, destroying the former, and bringing the latter back to Willat in custody.

Rukyuk eventually catches up to Kehrolyn, but is defeated by her. Despite Lixis's advice, she spares Rukyuk's life, telling him that she's more than just a monster or a trophy.

Later Adventures[]

After her adventures in BattleCON: War, Kehrolyn joins Rukyuk's mercenary company, the Champions of Indines, in order to try and do some good in the world with her power. Though she still has some trouble blending in to human society, she is carving out a niche for herself, making friends, and learning about what it means to be a part of society.

Most homunculi in Indines are little more than organic machines, serving at various tasks for their masters and entirely without self-awareness. Thus, Kehrolyn remains a bit lonely in her uniqueness and continues to seek out an identity of her own.

10 Facts about Kehrolyn[]

  1. Kehrolyn’s body is filled with refined Crizma instead of blood, giving her incredible strength. This is the same substance used as a hydraulic fluid in the Cadenza series robots.
  2. Kehrolyn can transform her body freely, but she cannot deviate too far from her main form without reverting back.
  3. Kehrolyn’s heart is a organic version of a device called an alchemist’s anvil. The anvil churns up and down, converting natural materials into the refined chemicals that make up the homunculus’s body. Her default body pattern is etched onto this device, which is warded against transformation by her own powers.
  4. Kehrolyn refers to Aaron Ross as “Father” and to Lixis as “Mother”.
  5. Kehrolyn is named after Aaron Ross’s Great Grandmother.
  6. She is interested in art, particularly interpretive dance. Lixis describes her surreal contortions as “astonishing and grotesque”. Kehrolyn sees imagination as the most important skill in her fighting style, and uses art as a way to cultivate this. In combat, her transforming style is graceful and fluid, rather than horrific.
  7. Animals with a strong sense of smell react violently to her presence, and even though she can disguise her form freely, she cannot hide the scent of the chemicals in her body from sensitive noses.
  8. Growing up, she and August had a pet slime, Sir Blobington, which Ross crafted for them. He was lost after the destruction of Ross’s laboratory.
  9. Kehrolyn and August chose their faces after reading through Willati fashion magazines and splicing parts together. Kehrolyn bears a stunning resemblance to the little-known Willati fashion model and designer Malyri Ondelli.
  10. Kehrolyn’s favorite color is mauve, and her favorite food is Targa Root & Herb Soup.



Kehrolyn has very long white hair and wears a form-fitting red outfit with white patterning. She can mutate her body into strange and inhuman shapes.

Powers & Abilities[]

She has the ability to shapeshift into different forms and shapes.


Game appearances and playstyle[]

BattleCon: War of Indines[]

  • Kehrolyn utilizes a constantly shifting pattern of styles to create a wide array of abilities that give her the highest cumulative stats of any single character. Her statistical advantage comes at the cost of showing half of her next move to enemies in advance, so she must play unpredictably to gain the upper hand.

Pixel Tactics[]

  • Kehrolyn plays by absorbing damage taken by allies onto herself.

Champions of Indines[]


  • Kehrolyn's Striker card can improve your attack or substitute for an attack you have performed recently.


Character Kit in BattleCon[]

Unique Abilities[]

Ability Name Character Version Description



The style in Kehrolyn's first discard pile is called her Current Form.

Whenever Kehrolyn plays an attack, her Current Form is applied to the attack in addition to the style played with it. This means that Kehrolyn will have two styles in each of her attack pairs.

Note: Kehrolyn also applies her Current Form to Finisher attacks.

Unstable Mutation

The August Strain

Alternate Art

Each beat, Kehrolyn takes a random Striker from the Strikers deck and may ante it during the Ante Step. If she does, it is considered her Current Form. If she does not, it is discarded at the end of beat. She can only use this Striker to ante, not for its Strike or Boost effects.

Whenever Kehrolyn plays an Attack Pair, her Current Form is added to the Attack Pair in addition to the style played with it.


Life of the Party

Mardi Gras Promo As an ante, Kehrolyn can reveal a Style from her hand and place it down with her Attack Pair. The first Style she reveals this way is called her Current Form, and its free. The second costs 2 life and the third costs 3 life. Kehrolyn applies all the effects of all her revealed Styles to her current attack. Revealed Styles return to your hand at the end of Beat.
Mutable Form EX The Styles in Kehrolyn’s Discard Piles are called her Current Forms. During ante she declares which of these Styles she is using as her Current Form. If she does not declare, she must use the Style in her Discard Pile 1.

Whenever Kehrolyn reveals an Attack Pair, her Current Form is added to the Attack Pair in addition to the Style played with it. This means that Kehrolyn will have two Styles in each of her attack pairs.

Note: Kehrolyn also applies her Current Form to Finishers.

Pinnacle of Evolution Almighty The Styles in Kehrolyn’s Discard Piles are called her Current Forms.

Whenever Kehrolyn reveals an Attack Pair, her Current Forms are added to the Attack Pair in addition to the Style played with it. This means that Kehrolyn will have three Styles in each of her attack pairs.

Note: Kehrolyn also applies her Current Forms to Finishers. Her Mutating Style will double both of her Current Forms when used.

Personal Styles and Bases[]

Color Name Range Power Priority Effect
Yellow.jpg Mutating +0 +0 +0

Reveal: This style gains all the stats and effects of Kehrolyn's Current Form. If it is her Current Form, it gains all the stats and effects of the style she revealed this beat.

End of Beat: Lose 1 life.

Green.jpg Bladed +0 +2 +0 Stun Guard 2
Blue.jpg Exoskeletal +0 +0 +0

Soak 2

You may choose to ignore movement effects applied to you by opponents.

Red.jpg Whip +0~1 +0 +0 On Hit: If the opponent is at range 1, the opponent is stunned. Otherwise, pull the opponent 1 space.
Orange.jpg Quicksilver +0 +0 +2 End of Beat: Move up to 1 space.
Grey.jpg Overload 1 3 3

This attack loses priority ties.

Start of Beat: Reveal an additional one of Kehrolyn’s styles from your hand. That style is applied to the attack in addition to other styles. If it has Reveal effects, activate those effects now. Return it to your hand after the beat.

FINISHER Hydra Fork 1~3 6 0

Stun Immunity

After Activating: Gain 5 life.

FINISHER The August Strain 1~2 4 5

Soak 2, Stun Guard 2

On Hit: Choose any of Kehrolyn’s styles and set it aside out of the game. That style is applied as an additional style to all of her attacks for the rest of the duel.


STRIKER Kehrolyn Ross
Gene Splice Support 1~2 Stun Guard 5

End of Beat: Loses 2 life. You have +1 power and +1 priority next beat.

Retrovirus Ante Ignore the printed stats of the style in your attack pair, and use the stats of a style in your discard pile 1 instead.
Symbiosis Boost You have +1 power, +1 priority, +0~1 range, and Stun Guard 3 during this beat. Loses 2 life.
"Call me a monster, and I'll show you a monster."

Pixel Tactics Unit[]

Synchro-Synthetic Squad
}}} Appears in: Pixel Tactics STR LIFE
Kehrolyn Ross 0 36
Homunculus 3 7
Leader When applying damage to heroes, apply any damage that would be lethal (equal to or exceeding the hero's life) to this leader instead. (If a hero with 4 life takes 5 damage, 3 goes to the hero and 2 to Kehrolyn.)
Vanguard Intercept

+2 attack strength

Flank Attack: Move up to 7 damage from heroes in this unit onto this hero.
Rear Rear allied heroes may apply damage take to this hero.
Order You may rearrange heroes and corpses in your unit freely.

Disc Duelers[]

Attacks 4
Movements 0
No damage from terrain collision.