Kingdom of JeffreysEdit


Jeffreys Crest

Jeffreys is an ancient kingdom situated in Indines’ most strategic area. A massive fertile valley sits at the conflux of four continental divides, creating a paradise of lush forests, scenic mountains, and clear lakes. Though landlocked, Jeffreys enjoys an abundance of natural resources, and their mountains make the small nation defensible on any side from invaders. It  is a land of honor, tradition, and military history..

Jeffreys is also the home of the largest dimensional rift in Indines. The dimensional boundaries around Jeffreys are weaker than those elsewhere in the world and monsters are prone to appearing there.

Study of this rift has given them an unparalleled grasp of dimensional technology, which they have militarized in the form of the Planestalkers , an order of dimensional knights that serve the kingdom and protect it from threats both inside and outside of Indines.


Jeffreys is ruled by an ancient line of kings, said to be descended from giants. The Alexian Kings trace their lineage back for thirty-eight generations. The name passes with the crown, and each prince gives up his old name and takes on the name of his father when he sits upon the ancestral throne.

Places of InterestEdit

Planestalker's HQ

Notable JefferiansEdit

Alexian XXXVII

  • Dynastic King of Jeffreys.

Runika Zenanen

  • Master Armiger of the Artificer Corps.

Kaitlyn Van Sorrel

  • Greatmarshal of the Planestalker Corps.

Magdelina Larington

Eligor Larington

Kajia Septie Salix

Luc Von Gott

Clive Melmont