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Lixis Ran Kanda
Vital statistics
Title Biomancer
Nation Unknown
Physical attributes
Race Dryad
Sex Female
Age ???
Fighting Style Unknown


First appeared in War of Indines.

Quotes: []

  • "I will defy nature, and master it, and I will live!"


The western desert of Sanghalim grows several miles every year, slowly eating away at the lush central forests of Jeffreys . Seeing the expansion of the desert would inevitably destroy her own and her sisters' home, Lixis resolved to learn the science of biomancy, in hopes of creating a way to restore the blighted brush lands to life and fight the desert. Reaching the northern nation of Willat , the capital of Technomagickal and alchemical research in the world, Lixis joined the laboratories of famed alchemist Aaron Ross and showed a natural aptitude for life sciences. There she set about researching ways to improve and empower life. After Ross's research was deemed heretical and condemned by the magisters of Willat, Lixis fled with Ross's greatest creation, Kehrolyn, and his research notes. She is close to finding the secret of restoring the desert-swept lands to life, and only a few clues remain to be found...



Lixis, as a dryad , has an almost elven look to her, but the flowers bedecking her outfit and her long green hair bely her true nature.

Powers & Abilities[]

Lixis is a powerful alchemist and master of the science of biomancy.


Game appearances and playstyle[]

BattleCon: War of Indines[]

  • Lixis is a fighter loaded with preventative and counter-effect options. Able to disable opponents' individual strategies and prevent the stat boosting effects that power most characters, Lixis is a dangerous foe that forces opponents to adapt to her unique skills.

Pixel Tactics[]

  • Lixis reduces damage taken by allies and deals small bursts of direct damage. As a leader, opposing units take constant damage from her alchemical poisons.


  • Lixis' Striker card affects the opponent's play of tokens and can neutralise their attacks.


Character Kit in BattleCon[]

Unique Abilities[]

Ability Name Character Version Description
Withering Touch


Original Whenever Lixis hits with an attack, the opponent must choose and discard a base from their hand. This base is sent to the opponent’s discard pile together with the attack pair played this beat and recycles as normal with the rest of the discarded cards.
Withered Body


Alternate Art

Lixis has Stun Immunity.

Whenever Lixis is hit with an attack, she must choose and discard a Base from her hand. This Base is sent to her discard Pile together with the Attack Pair this Beat and recycles as normal with the rest of the discarded cards.

Lixis' Pruning Style counts the number of cards in her own Discard Pile, rather than her opponent's Discard Pile.

Engineered Touch EX Whenever Lixis hits with an attack, she may name a Base for the opponent to discard from his or her hand. If she does not, her opponent chooses. This Base is sent to the opponent’s Discard Pile together with the Attack Pair played this beat and recycles as normal with the rest of the discarded cards.
All Your Base Almighty Whenever Lixis hits with an attack, the opponent must choose and discard a Base from his or her hand. This Base is sent to the opponent’s Discard Pile together with the Attack Pair played this beat and recycles as normal with the rest of the discarded cards.

Opponents have a third Discard Pile that their attacks must cycle through before returning to their hands.

Personal Styles and Bases[]

Color Name Range Power Priority Effect
Yellow.jpg Pruning +0~1 -1 -2 Reveal: This attack has +1 Power and +1 Priority for each base in the nearest opponent’s discard piles.

On Hit: The opponent discards an extra base of their choice with this attack pair.

Green.jpg Rooted -1~0 +1 -2

Soak 2

You may ignore movement effects that would be applied to you this beat, including your own.

Blue.jpg Naturalizing +0~1 -1 +1

Reveal: Negate the effects of all counters, tokens and cards anted by the nearest opponent. Players cannot spend tokens or counters during this beat. The opponent's power, priority, and range cannot exceed printed values this beat.

Red.jpg Venomous +0 +1 +0

Stun Guard 2

Before Activating: Advance up to 1 space.

On Hit: The opponent has -2 Priority during the next beat.

Orange.jpg Vine +0~2 +0 -2

Stun Guard 3

On Hit: Pull the opponent up to 2 spaces.

Grey.jpg Lance 2 3 5 Opponents cannot move into or through the spaces adjacent to you during this beat. They may still move out of these spaces.
FINISHER Virulent Miasma 1~3 4 5 On Hit: The opponent loses 2 life during each ante step. Opponents at 1 life at the start of the ante phase have -3 Priority instead.
FINISHER Life Virus 3~6 4 3

Soak 3, Stun Guard 2

On Hit: Name a style and a base. For the rest of the duel, each time the opponent reveals one of the named cards, they lose 3 life (or 6 life if both are revealed).

Rule FAQs[]

  • Q: Can I disable Kehrolyn’s current form with my Naturalizing Style?
A: No. Kehrolyn’s current form is a second Style, not a stat bonus. (War rulebook)
  • Q: What happens if I've used Lance and Heketch teleported directly beside me during the Ante step?
A: He stays where he is. The passive movement-preventing effect of Lance doesn’t activate until it has been turned face-up. (War rulebook)
  • Q: What happens if a player must ‘advance until they are adjacent’ to me, but I’ve used Lance?
A: They must move forward until they are prevented from doing so by Lance’s effect, then stop.

Unofficial FAQ[]

  • Q: How does Naturalizing interact with anted Seal (Mikhail) or Ammo (Rukyuk) Tokens? Does Mikhail apply a style and is Rukyuk able to hit?
A: Both Mikhail and Rukyuk only care that the token was anted. The Ammo Token would not grant its benefit but Rukyuk would be able to hit. In the same way Mikhail would apply his style. (Official FAQ)


STRIKER Lixis Ran Kanda
Life Virus Support 1~3 Stun Guard 4

On Hit: The opponent discards his Striker. If the Striker is already discarded, move it to discard pile 1.

Neutralizer Ante Players cannot ante any more during this beat.
Dryad's Repose Boost All text on the nearest opponent's style card is ignored during this beat.
"Let's begin the experiment."

Pixel Tactics Unit[]

Alchemist Warfare Division
}}} Appears in: Pixel Tactics STR LIFE
Lixis Ran Kanda 2 17
Alchemist 2 4
Leader All opposing heroes take 1 damage at the end of each wave (before casualties are checked.)
Vanguard Intercept

Takes 2 less damge from attacks.

Flank Your leader takes 2 less damage from attacks.
Rear Attack: Apply 1 damage to up to 5 different heroes.
Order Apply 7 damage to heroes. You may divide this damage as you wish.

Disc Duelers[]

Attacks 3
Movements 1
Takes no damage from attack items (those with a red disc). Can discard carried items as a free action.