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Lucida Malephaise
Body Lucida.png
Vital statistics
Title The Devourer
Nation Afterworld (formerly Ahemusei)
Physical attributes
Race Daemon (formerly Elvan)
Sex F
Age 464
Fighting Style Jaws of Malephaise


Lucida is a character in Trials of Indines. Her first appearance was in Devastation's BattleQuest mode, in the Well of Eternity boss rush dungeon, and she also appears in Pixel Tactics: Seven Sisters.

Lucida is among the Daemons of Indines, dangerous and rare beings, each holding a single piece of the Daemon King Malephaise's body, and drawing great power from it. Lucida, bound to, and corrupted by, the Jaws of Malephaise, is concerned only with devouring souls of the living, and wanders the world of Indines, seeking foolhardy adventurers to consume.


  • "I will devour this world, piece by piece!"
  • "Such a delicate morsel..."
  • "You don't really need all that weighing you down, now do you?"


Long ago, when she was still a young Elvan living in the marshlands of the north, Lucida was charged with guarding a treasure of her people, an ancient key to a long forgotten place. Over four centuries, she kept it by her side constantly, the final reminder of who she used to be. One fateful night, however, she lost the key in a game of chance to a wily adventurer named Dareios

Only the next morning, when the reality of the situation caught up with her, did she realize what she had done, what that treasure meant to her, and what it might be used for in the wrong hands...

Resolved to retrieve her Vault Key at any cost, Lucida began hunting Dareios across the land of Indines.


Powers & Abilities

Lucida wields two bracelets, the Jaws of Malephaise. Lucida was an Elvan druidess in her life before becoming a Daemon, and the Jaws of Malephaise have reversed her connection to nature and life, giving her the power to consume it and grow stronger.


Game appearances and playstyle

Trials of Indines

  • Each time Lucida lands an attack against an opponent, she saps one of that opponent's stats for the next beat and stores it. Later on, she can use the stolen stat to buff herself.

Character Kit in BattleCon

Unique Abilities

Ability Name Character Version Description
Jaws of Malephaise Original

Lucida has 4 double-sided Vicious Tokens. These Tokens begin in Lucida's Token Discard.

On Hit: Give your opponent a Vicious Token from your Token Discard on its Penalty side. The penalty affects the opponent on the next Beat.

At the end of the next Beat any Vicious Token that was active on the opponent flips to its Reward side and enters Lucida's Token Pool.

During the Ante Phase, Lucida can ante up to 2 of these Rewards. When Lucida antes Vicious Tokens for their Reward effect, they go into her Token Discard immediately.

Alternate Art

Personal Styles and Bases

Color Name Range Power Priority Effect
Yellow-hex.png Devouring +0~1 +0 +0

Reveal: All Vicious Tokens' Penalty Effects on the opponent are doubled.

Red-diamond.png Voracious +0 -1 -1

Opponents cannot retreat.

Before Activating: Pull the nearest opponent 1 space.

Green-tri.png Sharpened +0 +2 +0

Before Activating: You may discard a Vicious Token from your Token Pool. If you do, pull the opponent 1 space.

After Activating: If this attack did not hit any opponents, gain a Vicious Token from your Token Discard to your Token Pool.

Blue-circle.png Insatiable +0 +1 -1

Stun Immunity at Range 1

Start of Beat: Advance 3 spaces.

Orange-pent.png Corrosive +0 +1 -1

Soak 1, Stun Guard 1, Ignore Soak

After Activating: Advance 1 or 2 spaces.

Grey.jpg Teeth 1 4 5

On Hit: Gain a Vicious Token from your Token Discard directly to your Token Pool, placing it on its Reward side.

FINISHER Whet the Jaws 1 5 4 Start of Beat: Advance 2 spaces

On Hit: Apply all Vicious Tokens from your Token Discard to the opponent.

FINISHER Embalming Extraction 1 13 0

Stun Immunity

Before Activating: If you were not hit this Beat, advance 1 or 2 spaces.

Vicious Tokens

Name Penalty Reward
Courage Lose Soak and Stun Guard Soak 2
Pain After: Lose 1 Life After: Gain 2 Life
Spirit -1 Priority +2 Priority
Valor -1 Power +2 Power

Pixel Tactics

The Taste of Power
}}} Appears in: Pixel Tactics: Seven Sisters STR LIFE
Lucida Malephaise 0 19
Temptress 4 5
Leader Once per wave as a action, you may choose an enemy Hero. That Hero cannot perform any attack action this wave, and this Leader's Attack Strength becomes equal to its Attack Strength.
Vanguard Attack: Defeat another Vanguard hero in this unit. Apply damage equal to its power to all enemy Vanguard heroes.
Flank Your leader has +2 Attack Strength.
Rear +4 Attack Strength
Order Defeat any number of heroes in your unit. Remove 2 damage from your leader for each hero defeated this way.