Magisterial CouncilEdit

The Magocracy is run by the thirteen most powerful and accomplished mages in the nation: The Magisters of Willat, each the most brilliant scientists of their age, known together as the Magisterial Council. 

The Magisters of Willat are shadowy figures of disparate goals and ideals. Rarely unified, they drive the nation in different directions, each plotting secret conspiracies against the other to eliminate their competition and seize power.

The CouncilEdit

13 Magisters actually make part of the Magisterial Council, yet not all of them have been revealed on the lore. This is a list of the known members of the council.

It is currently unknown if Doctor Aaron Ross was a Magister before his death, as he is frequently refered as Bors Vilnar´s colleague.

Assassins and OperativesEdit

The council is know for to use subterfuge and covert operations to dispose of potential threats or investigators that go against the council regulations.

The Council breeds, trains and enhances it´s own operatives to be lethal superhumans. But due to the limited availability they sometimes employ bounty hunters or dispatch their mass produced drone shocktroops to take dangerous missions.

Current members of the cast that are affiliated with the council