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Also known as Technocracy of Willat.

Magocracy of Willat[]

Secluded in the northern mountains of the continent, the tiny, frigid land of Willat has recently risen to

Willat Crest

prominence due to its technological mastery. Populated primarily by Elvan, Willat is a postmodern land of technology and convenience, where even commoners live in relative affluence.

In Willat, technomagickal ability is the determining factor for social status. Locked into the strict social hierarchy determined by standardized tests and magical aptitude, the Willati people are cogs in their nation’s machine, which consumes far more than it produces and runs at a constant deficit.

Life in Willat[]

The northern elves of the Willati mountains mastered the great secrets of Technomagick long ago, and have used them to create wonders of science and art. Because of the small size of Willat, the nation is able to rapidly update its infrastructures and architectures, allowing scientific advances to progress much faster than in the other nations. It’s a technological utopia where every convenience and luxury can be had.

Those who are unable to use magic are often relegated to menial labor jobs, such as public security and civil service, neither of which pays well or offers much room for advancement in Willat.

Artificial Life is currently a banned field of research in Willat and those failing to comply to those regulations are expected to become target of the Magisterial Council agents. Sanctions can go as further as destruction of all research and even assassination


The Magocracy is run by the thirteen most powerful and accomplished mages in the nation: The Magisters of Willat , each the most brilliant scientists of their age, known together as the Magisterial Council. 

The Magisters of Willat are shadowy figures of disparate goals and ideals. Rarely unified, they drive the nation in different directions, each plotting secret conspiracies against the other to eliminate their competition and seize power.

List of Known Magisters[]


Grenadiers are Willat's national guard corps. However many of the magisters are known to maintain their own personal armies. The particular army of Magister Bors Vilnar is known to be comprised of several hundreds of Cadenza models.

Places of Interest[]

Kerrigan Coorporation

  • A manufacturing giant corporation. Produces among others K-Cast custom ammunition.

Magister's Kilgrem Laboratory

  • An island laboratory packed with mechanical traps and homunculi, with a dangerous new artificial life at its heart.

Notable Willatian[]

Magister Bors Vilnar

  • One of the great magisters. Creator of the Cadenza series.

Magister Sarafina Vanedran

  • One of the great magisters. Co-Creator of the Aria series.

Doctor Aaron Ross

  • Notable scientist. Had learned the secrets of life and evolution by experimenting with homunculi. Was assassinated by the Magisterial Council for violating sanctions against his research into artificial life.