The study of mysteries, the unseen, and the unknowable. Most things you can learn by studying Mysticism will fracture the sanity of those who learn them. Mystics are, to the last one, insane in some degree or another. Usually it’s nothing serious though–just a skewed perception of the world and its laws–just enough of a crack to let other things slip in.

Research within Mysticism is the pursuit of new mysteries, peering deeper and deeper into the infinite darkness that lies beyond the veil. Mystics believe that understanding of the secrets that govern the world is the path to power, and their uncanny abilities are convincing evidence of this belief.

  • School of Umbramancy - The studies of shadows and, more importantly, the unseen creatures that live there. Torments are invisible creatures that cause disease, suffering, and pain. The Umbramancer’s magic can empower and command these creatures, as well as guard against them.
  • School of Seeing - The study of the veil, the realms of the mind, and of destinies. Destinies are fixed in stone, while futures vary. It’s very complicated. Seers are also masters of wyrding–binding the destinies of two things together, and a staple of empathic magic.
  • School of Summoning - The study of commanding, understanding, calling, and binding extraplanar creatures. Summoning is best understood as it pertains to the near planes–the celestial, dark, and after worlds, but works in theory just as well on creatures from the outer planes, like Doppelgangers .

Notable MysticsEdit