The study of the natural world of Indines. Natural Magick governs the cycles of birth, life, and death, including the elements of nature and their applications. As the oldest school of magic in Indines, research in Natural Magick is well established. Most of it revolves around the roles and natures of Elementals and Aspects (the great animal-lords), as well as the binding of ancient titans of legend, the Disasters .

  • School of Geomancy - The study of the natural elements–fire, water, air, and earth. Geomancy is about manipulating these elements and bending them to the will of the Geomancer. Weather control is the most common practical application of this art, but Geomancers are always in high demand for constructive and destructive endeavors.
  • School of Druidism - The study of life. The creation and manipulation of plants and animals, as well as the ways in which they take shape, are all encompassed within this school. Druids are able to take on animal forms, communicate with plants and animals, and accelerate regenerative healing.
  • School of Undertaking - The study of death, disease, and decomposition. Undertakers study the completion of the circle of life from a natural point of view. They are able to create or purify disease, listen to the memories of the earth, and hunt down immortals.

Notable Natural MagesEdit