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Nehtali is a promo character for War of Indines Remastered, a crossover with the Universal Fighting System by Jasco Games, more specificaly the Red Horizon universe.

She offers her opponents a choice between two different benefits that she can gain.

Character Kit in BattleCon[]

Unique Abilities[]

Ability & Subtitle Character Version Description
Dark Deal


Original Nehtali has 5 Dark Deal Cards and begins the duel with all of them. As an ante, Nehtali may choose 2, 3, or 5 of her Dark Deal Cards and divide them into two face-up piles. She loses 1 life if she selects 3 Dark Deal Cards and 2 life if she selects 5 Dark Deal Cards.

Her opponent selects one of these two piles for her attacks to gain this Beat, and the other pile is returned to her with no effect.

All five Dark Deal Cards are available to her every Beat.

Personal Styles and Bases[]

Color Name Range Power Priority Effect
Yellow.jpg Ruthless +0~1 -1 +0 On Hit: Move 1 space. If you end this movement adjacent to the opponent, this attack gains +2 Power.
Red.jpg Hellraising +0 +0 -2 Stun Guard 3

When you are hit this Beat, gain +3 Power.

End of Beat: Move up to 1 space.

Green.jpg Reaper’s +2~3 +0 -2 Start of Beat: Advance 3 or 4 spaces.
Blue.jpg Cataclysmic +0~1 +0 +0 Reveal: Instead of the Dark Deal pile your opponent picked, you gain the other pile instead.
Orange.jpg Searing +1~3 -1 +1 On Hit: Retreat 1 space.

On Damage: If this attack stunned the opponent, the opponent loses 2 life.

Grey.jpg Harvester 2~3 3 3 Before Activating: Move 1 space.

On Hit: Your next Dark Deal ante costs you no life, regardless of how many cards you use.

FINISHER Heaven’s Punishment 3 7 6 Start of Beat, Range 1: Push the nearest opponent 2 spaces.
FINISHER Hell’s Salvation 2~5 10 4 This attack does not hit an opponent unless you hit that opponent during the previous Beat.

Dark Deal Cards[]

Name Effect
Ambition +3 Priority
Glory Stun Immunity
Fortune End of Beat: Move directly to any space.
Fame Before Activating: Move 1 space.
Power +2 Power