Also known as Baronship of Relecour



Relecour Crest

The large Eastern Power, Relecour is a land of freedom and prosperity ruled by a loosely affiliated collection of wealthy, power-hungry Barons. It is home to some of the richest mines, lushest forests, and grandest cities in the world. 

While the Relecans possess the most advanced magics in the world and much of the world’s wealth, their lack of organization and centralized power makes feudal wars common.

Relecour has long been regarded as an enchanted and mystical place. It is also known as a land of mercenaries, thieves, and vagrants.

The largest settlement in Relecour is the port town of Kor Karoli. This town also houses Argent University, the world’s premiere school of magic, which governs itself like a city-state in its own right. 



Relecan Domarii

Relecour is the greatest economy of Indines: rich in gold, food, craftsmen, and magic.

Relecan Domarii, the official currency of the Baronship is the most commonly accepted currency in Indines.


Governed by no laws at all, the Barons maintain private armies to protect their holdings, and a counsel of barons unifies only to discuss matters or war and peace between their fiefdoms, each of which is governed by its own laws.

Numerous city-states dot the Relecan plains, and these are each run by their own set of laws and ordinances. While there is always talk of forming a league of city-states, each state fears that any attempt to consolidate power, no matter how superficial, will draw retribution from the barons.

Places of InterestEdit

Argent University

Helim Mekhit, the Grand Collossus

  • Prison of the late Dragon King Greyheart.

Chateau Zane

  • Family household of the Sorcerer Baron.

Baroness Ancella´s Crypt

  • A crypt full of zombies and imps, watched over by a vengeful ghost.

Notable RelecansEdit

Rufus Zane , Sorcerer Baron

  • One of the major Relecan Barons, his domains currently include the Argent University and Kor Karoli.

Lord Eustace