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Pixel Tactics splash.

Pixel TacticsEdit

Originally published inside the Minigame Library .

Pixel Tactics is a head-to-head game of tactical combat for two players. Each player has an identical deck of 25 cards, from which they draft a leader. The leader's abilities alter vastly the strategy and playability of every other card in the deck, making the game playable in 25 different ways.

In the game, players take turns placing cards and attacking. Each card can activate in various ways, taking on offensive capabilities in the front rows of the unit, or support powers in the back rows. Cards can also be played as orders – powerful single-time effects that can turn the tide of battle. Play continues until either player's leader is defeated. A typical game is best of 3 or best of 5 rounds. Pixel Tactics takes place in the same world and uses many of the characters from Level 99 Games' BattleCON: War of Indines, but its game play is entirely unrelated.

Characters in Pixel TacticsEdit

Every character in Pixel Tactics is also assigned a class related to their abilities.

PTAdjennaAdjenna Callista - Dragon Mage
PTArecArec Russel Zane - Illusionist
PTBorneoBorneo - Mascot
PTCadenzaCadenza - Knight
PTRexanCairngort Rexan - Overlord
PTDemitrasDemitras Denigrande - Vampire
PTEligorEligor Larington - Templar
PTHepzibahHepzibah Culotre - Witch
PTHikaruHikaru Sorayama - Fighter
PTJutoJuto - Mascot
PTKallistarKallistar Flarechild - Pyromancer
PTKavriKavri Shi Shorec - Healer
PTKehrolynKehrolyn Ross - Homunculus
PTKhadathKhadath Ahemusei - Trapper
PTLesandraLesandra Machan - Summoner
PTLixisLixis Ran Kanda - Alchemist
PTLucLuc Von Gott - Scientist
PTMagdelinaMagdelina Larington - Priestess
PTHeketchRegicide Heketch - Assassin
PTRukyukRukyuk Amberdeen - Gunner
PTSagasSagas Seities - Doppelganger
PTSethSeth Cremmul - Oracle
PTShekhturShekhtur Lenmorre- Berserker
PTTatsumiTatsumi Nuoc - Mystic
PTVanaahVanaah Kalmor - Paladin
PTZaamassalZaamassal Kett - Planestalker


Level 99 Games announced after the Devastation of Indines Kickstarter project reached $120,000 that they were in the works of producing 'Pixel Tactics 2 '. This has since been released and includes 25 new characters from Indines, including Clinhyde, Byron, Marmalee and Voco.

A 3rd expansion called Pixel Tactics 3 is also on the works together with the digital version of the game: Super Pixel Tactics .

Second EditionEdit


Pixel Tactics second edition box art.

Due to the success of the game. Pixel Tactics was given a second edition to be published together with its expansion. The new edition features a brand new box art on the lines of the one showcased for Pixel Tactics 2.

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