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Pixel Tactics 2 Box preview.

Pixel Tactics 2[]

Pixel Tactics 2 is a head-to-head game of tactical combat for two players. Each player has an identical deck of 25 cards, from which they draft a leader. The leader's abilities alter vastly the strategy and playability of every other card in the deck, making the game playable in 25 different ways.

The second installment of the critically-acclaimed tactical card game comes with 2 decks of 25 new hero classes each. New leaders provide a distinctly different flavor and feel from the original. With Pixel Tactics 2 and Pixel Tactics 1 together, you can play Draft, Constructed, Epic, and 2v2 Team variants! 

Pixel Tactics 2 also comes with a fold-out paper play mat (with game rules on the reverse) and tokens to keep track of damage. Pixel Tactics 2, as it´s predecessor, features characters of the World of Indines, mainly focusing on Devastation of Indines .

Characters in Pixel Tactics 2[]

Every character in Pixel Tactics is also assigned a class related to their abilities.

PTAmon.pngAmon Elcela - Tactician
PTBaenvier.pngBaenvier Marlgrove - Curse Knight
PTVilnar.pngBors Vilnar - Supervillain
PTByron.pngByron Krane - Immortal
PTCesar.pngCésar Grist - Relic Hunter
PTClinhyde.pngClinhyde Eight - Operative
PTClive.pngClive Melmont - Inventor
PTDravil.pngDravil Coldwater - Chronicler
PTIaxus.pngIaxus the Shattered - Sage
PTIri.pngIrialandradayamorella - Magical Knight
PTJager.pngJager Brandtford - Werewolf
PTJasper.pngJasper Haekel - Warlock
PTJoal.pngJoal Kalmor - Monster Hunter
PTKaitlyn.pngKaitlyn Van Sorrel - Planebinder
PTKajia.pngKajia Septie Salix - Plaguebearer
PTKarin.pngKarin Brandtford - Werewolf
PTBurman.pngLarimore Burman - Warmage 
PTMalandrax.pngMalandrax Mecchi - Mastermind
PTMarmelee.pngMarmalee Greyheart - Lorekeeper
PTOttavia.pngOttavia Six - Sniper
PTPendros.pngPendros Schalla - Druid
PTMikhail.pngSaint Mikhail Isen - Divinity
PTSarafina.pngSarafina Vanedran - Technologist
PTSera.pngSera Malephaise - Diablerist
PTTTanis.pngTanis Trilives - Puppeteer
PTVoco.pngVoco Astrum - Necromancer