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Pixel Tactics 4[]

Coming in 2015, Pixel Tactics 4 expands the exciting world of Pixel Tactics with 25 brand new heroes! 

Pixel Tactics 4 introduces a brand new mechanic of Traps! The set has a theme of counterplay and counter-counterplay, with many cards designed to surprise and intimidate your opponents.

Characters in Pixel Tactics 4[]

Every character in Pixel Tactics is also assigned a class related to their abilities. The characters in Pixel Tactics 4 are mostly taken from Argent: The Consortium, although some slots are filled by BattleCon characters. The 'paired' characters in this installment are two time-travelling versions of Welsie Acktern.

PTUnderConstruction.pngAinos Lockehart - Ascetic
PTUnderConstruction.pngAnath Adrasteia - Dread Knight
PTUnderConstruction.pngAnsloma Coldwater - Cryomancer
PTUnderConstruction.pngBatrov Wargrave - Statistician
PTUnderConstruction.pngBurgundy Twelve - Graffiti
PTUnderConstruction.pngDaedalus Khimsey - Blacksmith
PTUnderConstruction.pngGarek Tesias - Gangster
PTUnderConstruction.pngIthol Udur - Chairman
PTUnderConstruction.pngJance Eylon - Reporter
PTUnderConstruction.pngJesca Renetton - Planner
PTUnderConstruction.pngKas Karrowary - Spiritualist
PTUnderConstruction.pngLuna Van Kassel - Administrator
PTUnderConstruction.pngMelinda Marsellis - Secretary
PTUnderConstruction.pngQuan Gon Kall - Mycologist
PTUnderConstruction.pngRaffique Van Anzel - Sojourner
PTUnderConstruction.pngRan Ugobia - Bounty Hunter
PTUnderConstruction.pngRath Kilgrem - Mad Scientist
PTUnderConstruction.pngRennel Pedrigor - Groundskeeper
PTUnderConstruction.pngRiflam Lenshear - Biomancer
PTUnderConstruction.pngRikhi Kanhamme - Artillery
PTUnderConstruction.pngSalem Silver - Exorcist
PTUnderConstruction.pngSophica Sentavra - AI
PTUnderConstruction.pngTyrafelle Malentas - Slayer
PTUnderConstruction.pngVellimoor Cantz - Librarian
PTUnderConstruction.pngWelsie Acktern - Time Traveller
PTUnderConstruction.pngWelsie Acktern - Time Traveller