An order of Dimensional Knights that serve the Kingdom of Jeffreys and protect it from threats both inside and outside of Indines.

It is actually led by Kaitlyn Van Sorrel and it´s known to have a military rank system.

Their HQ stands in front of the dimensional rift.

Corrupted PlanestalkersEdit

Serving under the Planestalkers entrails a serious risk. Some Planestalkers have been lost in mission to never return or to be forever changed and twisted by the powers beyond the rift.

Notable PlanestalkersEdit

The following provides a list of known ranks of the organization and a list notable planestalker characters of each rank until their last known rank affiliation. 

Rank Notable Planestalkers
Grand Marshal Kaitlyn Van Sorrel , *Horace Ans-Van
Liutenant Marshal
Knights Khadath Ahemusei, Aria, #Zaamassal Kett
Other notable members and associates Iaxus (Founder), Luc von Gott (Rank unknown), Irialandradayamorella (Ally), 
  • (*) No longer serving
  • (#) Corrupted Planestalkers