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Raederick Blackforge is a promo character for War of Indines Remastered, a crossover from Mage Wars from Arcane Wonders.


Raederick is based on one of the promos for the original War of Indines, Robert the Saint, rebalanced and addapted for the new BattleCON system. His gameplay involves summoning various armor and equipment to gain passive bonuses, then destroying these summoned items to get huge bonuses temporarily.

Character Kit in BattleCon[]

Unique Abilities[]

Ability & Subtitle Character Version Description
Runeforged Weapons

Anvil Throne Warlord

Original Raedrick has 4 Equipment Cards that begin the game out of play. He brings thes into play with his Unique Base and Soulbound Style.

These give him a passive benefit while equipped, or he can ante them (which removes them from the game permanently) to gain their Ante Effects for a single Beat.

Personal Styles and Bases[]

Color Name Range Power Priority Effect
Yellow.jpg Warmaster +0 -1 +1 This attack gains +0~1 Range for each Equipment Card you have active.
Red.jpg Iron +0 +3 -3 Stun Immunity
Green.jpg Deflection +0 +0 -3 Soak 2

If you were hit this Beat, this attack gains +1~3 Range and +2 Power.

End of Beat: Move 1 space.

Blue.jpg Forging +0 -2 +1 Start of Beat: Advance up to 3 spaces without switching sides with the opponent. For each space advanced by this effect, gain +1 Power.
Orange.jpg Runeforged +0~1 +0 -1 Stun Guard 2

If you take 4 or more damage this beat, you may bring an Equipment Card into play. If you do, you cannot bring another Equipment Card into play this Beat.

Grey.jpg Anvil 1 4 2 Stun Guard 3

End of Beat: Bring one of your Equipment Cards into play. If you hit this Beat, gain its Ante Effect without anteing it next Beat.

FINISHER Rune of Reforging 1~3 3 4 Stun Guard 2, Soak 2

On Hit: Put one of your removed Equipment Cards face-down beneath one of your active Equipment Cards. The face-down card becomes a copy of the active Equpment Card.

FINISHER The Anvil Throne 1 9 3 Stun Immunity

Raederick’s life cannot drop below 1 during this Beat.

Equipment Cards
Name Effect
Horn of Gothos Active: You have +1 Priority.

Ante: You have +3 Priority.

Helm of Command Before Activating: Advance up to 1 space.

Ante: Advance up to 3 spaces.

Harshforge Plate Active: You have Stun Guard 2.

Ante: You have Soak 5.

Guantlets of Strength Active: You have +1 Power.

Ante: You have +3 Power.