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Rheye Cal
Body Rheye.png
Vital statistics
Title Argent University - Vice Dean of Divinity
Nation Outsider/Celesital
Physical attributes
Race Virian
Sex F
Age ?
Fighting Style Unknown


Rheye is a Backer's Choice character to be potentially included in Fate of Indines. Her first appearance was in Argent: The Consortium as a player candidate.

Quotes: []

  • “Now we set the stage for the coming Great Work.”


Rheye is part of a race that hails from the celestial plane, the Virians . These creatures are born of light and magic, and when they come to Indines on missions from “the Masters”, they incarnate into angelic forms like the one Rheye bears. When their tasks are ended, Virians live on in Indines until their bodies age and die, at which point their essence returns back to the Masters in the Celestial Plane.

Rheye was sent to Indines without a specific task, left wandering and aimless. She fears to return home before discovering her purpose and fulfilling it, as the punishments of the Masters are said to be severe beyond reason. She believes that with the full resources and power of the university at her disposal, she will be able to communicate home and discover and complete her duties.


Powers & Abilities[]

Rheye is a master of holy magic, which she uses to defend and to chastise. She is mobile but fragile, and so uses talismans and superior mobility to avoid hits while retaliating at medium range. She is excellent at self-buffing and intimidation, making her a great choice for players who like to keep opponents on their toes.


Game appearances and playstyle[]

Argent: The Consortium Fate of Indines

  • Rheye places Talisman markers down onto the board during her ante steps. When an opponent moves onto one of these markers, it activates immediately, givine Rheye a powerful bonus effect for the rest of the beat.