Rixia Van Sorrel
Body Rixia
Vital statistics
Title Student
Nation Relecour (Originally Sanghalim)
Physical attributes
Race Human
Sex Female
Age  ?
Fighting Style Unknown


Rixia was one of the Backer's Choice characters to be potentially included in Devastation through the kickstarter campaign, but she ended not being elected. She appears in Argent: The Consortium as a supporter, and has been reintroduced as a Backer's Choice character in War of Indines: Extended Edition .

Quotes: Edit


The daughter of Kaitlyn Van Sorrel, Rixia, is a prodigy of Planar Science following in her mother's footsteps. Unlike Kaitlyn, who specializes in the transformation of space and distance, Rixia is more versed in manipulating material compositions and propoerties of matter such as mass, toughness, density, or kinetic energy.


Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Mathemagic relies on the force of formulae and logic alone to work, but extensive information and calculation is required to make it work. To facilitate this, Rixia uses an enchanted calculator to collect the variables she needs to fuel her spells.


Daughter of -> Kaitlyn

Game appearances and playstyleEdit

Devastation of IndinesEdit

  • Rixia has a collection of Reality Warp markers which can be placed out on the board by her styles. These markers have ongoing effects while they remain in play.


Pixel Tactics Unit Edit

The Problem Solvers
PTRixia Appears in: Pixel Tactics 3 STR LIFE
Rixia Van Sorrel 5 19
Calculator 1 4
Leader As an action, you can place or remove a Flip Marker from any hero. When you recruit a hero, you may place a Flip Marker on it immediately. Heroes with Flip Markers have their Attack Strength and Life stats switched.
Vanguard This hero's Attack Strength equals the opponent's hand size.
Flank Forerunner has a bonus to Attack Strength equal to Supporter's Attack Strength.
Rear Attack: Apply 2 damage to each enemy hero in the current wave.
Order Remove up to 4 damage from a hero and give it +1 Attack Strength during this wave per damage removed.