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Vital statistics
Title The Saint
Physical attributes
Sex Male
Fighting Style Unknown


Guest character from War of Indines. Illustrated by D. Hirajeta.


  • "At first there was light... then there was thunder. And life."


Robert the Saint is non-canonical. He is a guest character from "Sinner & Saint Remix" by Iron Clown Studios.


Powers & Abilities[]

Game appearances and playstyle[]

BattleCon: War of Indines[]

  • Robert is a universalist character who can fight in any role he wishes, with the proper set up.He accumulates passive bonuses to his stats as a match progresses, effectively 'building' himself to stand up to whatever challenge his opponents bring to bear.

Character Kit in BattleCon[]

Unique Abilities[]

Ability Name Character Version Description
Saint's Boon Original

Robert has 4 Blessing Tokens of different types. Each token provides a passive bonus while it is in his token pool and an ante bonus when he antes it. 

Robert begins a duel with two tokens of his choice.

EX Robert begins the game with all 4 of his blessing tokens
Allmighty Robert begins the game with all 4 of his tokens. Each time he takes 4 or more damage from a single attack, he regains 1 token.
* EX and Almighty effects are added to the original UA. Robert's EX and Allmighty were posted on BoardGameGeek, here.

Personal Styles and Bases[]

Color Name Range Power Priority Effect
Yellow.jpg Ascendant +0 +0 +1 Start of Beat: Advance up to 1 space.
Red.jpg Divine +0 +1 -1 Reveal: Soak 1 for each Blessing Token in your token pool, up to a maximum of 2.
Green.jpg Chosen +0 +0 +0

Before Activating: Advance up to 1 space.

On Hit: Push an opponent 1 or 2 spaces.

Blue.jpg Saints +0~1 -1 +0

Stun Guard 2

Opponents cannot move past you.

Orange.jpg Immortal +0~1 -1 -1

Stun Guard 4

You cannot drop below 1 life this beat.

Grey.jpg Rosary N/A N/A 4

This attack does not hit opponents or deal damage. 

After Activating: Move up to 1 space.

End of Beat: You gain a Blessing Token. 

FINISHER Hail Mary 1 0 4

On Hit: Discard any Number of Blessing tokens. This attack has +4 power per token discarded. 

Additional Cards and Tokens[]

Robert's promo kit contains 4 Unique Blessing Tokens, listed below, and 3 Generic Ones: 

Blessing Tokens

 Name Effect

Pool: +1 Power

Ante: +3 Power


Pool: Start of Beat: Advance up to 1.

Ante: Move to any empty space


Pool: Stun Guard 2

Ante: Stun Immunity


Pool: +1 Priority

Ante: +4 Priority

Generic Tokens

 Name Effect
Power Boost


Priority Boost


Power Penalty