Runika Zenanen
Vital statistics
Title Royal Artificer Corps: Master Armiger
Nation Jeffreys / Jeffreys
Physical attributes
Race Human
Sex Female
Age 28
Fighting Style Brawler


First featured in Devastation of Indines

Quotes: Edit
  • "If it weren't my job to arm the kingdom, I'd be keeping every last one of these for myself."
  • "If you could do me a favor–just hold this auto-deflector and stand there in the center of the gun array."
  • "I win! I win! That was fun, let's play one more."
  • "Udstad, I swear I'll deactivate your speech runes if you don't keep your comments to yourself."
  • "You can't build that here! This is a protected research site! Just wait until the King hears about this!"
  • "It seems like you made one critical mistake--you forgot that I always win!"

"You know I can't stay mad at you, you big stone dummy."


Runika is a prodigy of Artifice–the art of creating and refurbishing enchanted weapons and armor. Appointed at a young age as the Chief Artificer of her kingdom, Jeffreys, Runika developed a fascination with archaeology, and travels the world searching for ancient technologies to restore. Like any mechanic, Runika’s first response to any problem is to try and fix it. She has trouble accepting that problems she encounters may not be fixable or are beyond her control.

At an ancient ruin, the Tomb of the Dragon King, Runika discovered that the seal binding the Dragon King Greyheart was weakening, and that without interference, the monstrous tyrant would break free again to enslave the world.

Beseeching her king Alexian XXXVII for military force to dispatch, she was given permission to build her own volunteer force. With the help of her sole volunteer, Eligor, she heads out on a journey to confront the Dragon Queen and stop her plot to free Greyheart.

Plotline during DevastationEdit

After uncovering a plot to release the Dragon King Greyheart, Runika embarks on an adventure to prevent the return of the Dragon King. After finding the materials she needs to refurbish her dragonslayer-class golem, Udstad, and a bunch of friends and allies to help on her quest, she confronts the Dragon King. However, after this fateful meeting, she learns of an even more sinister force at work in her world...

Future AdventuresEdit

After her adventures fighting the dragons, Runika works together with the Planestalkers to create a ship capable of sailing between the different planes. With some of her most trusted allies, and some new friends as well, she sets off for new adventures in the worlds beyond Indines.

10 Facts about Runika:Edit

  1. She has two brothers, Morius and Koul, both older, who are married with children. She has one younger sister, Iona, who is engaged. Her parents are retired, and Morius and his wife have taken over the bakery and now take care of her parents.
  2. All of her gear is hand-made by Runika herself, modded from leather armor. She fashioned all the mechanical and metal parts of her costume herself, including the glass in her goggles.
  3. As a young girl, she wanted to be an artisan, and learned glassblowing and jeweling from a local master.
  4. Her family owned a bakery, so she’s an expert cook as well. When she was younger, she used to invent new recipes for her family’s bakery.
  5. She studied Artifice and Enchantment at Argent University. Though not great at casting magic, she understands the theory well enough to enchant gear in her laboratory.
  6. Her family and very close friends call her ‘Runie’ for short.
  7. Her hobbies include playing board and card games, as well as reading light fiction novels.
  8. She drinks lots of coffee, and one of the most common chores she has for interns is cleaning out her coffee maker in the Armiger’s lounge.
  9. Her position as Chief Armiger gives her the effective rank of Colonel in the Jeffrian military.
  10. She is good friends with Grand Marshall Kaitlyn Van Sorrel and with Magister Sarafina Vanedran. Both she and Kaitlyn studied in a research group under Sarafina several years earlier.

Personality: Introverted, Inquisitive, Single-minded

Personal Possessions: Her airship, Skyfish; The golem she is refurbishing, Udstad.
Likes: Testing new inventions, indoor sports, Willati technology, working on Udstad
Dislikes: Her job, war, tomb raiders


Runika's artifacts and clothing style give her a steampunk aesthetic.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Genius artificer, able to craft wondrous technology.


Game appearances and playstyleEdit

Devastation of Indines

  • Runika has several artifacts which she can tinker with and overcharge for improved effects.


  • Runika's Striker card can both hurt and heal.



Character Kit in BattleConEdit

Unique AbilitiesEdit

Ability Name Character Version Description
Artifice Original Runika has five different artifact cards, and she begins a duel with all five Activated (face up). The first time she is hit by an attack each beat, her opponent may choose and deactivate (turn face down) one of these five cards. Its effects stop working immediately.
Power Armor Alternate Art

Runika has 5 Artifact Cards.  She begins a duel with all of these cards activated (face up).

Whenever Runika is hit, her opponent distributes damage points among her artifacts euqal to his attack's power (so a 5-power attack would divide 5 points of damage among her remaining artifacts when it hits).

When an artifact has 3 points of damage on it, it is deactiavted and all of its damage is removed (turned face down).  When an artifact is re-activated, it loses all damage.  Runika can only re-activate a face-down artifact.

Modular Parts EX Runika has five different Artifact Cards, and she begins a duel with all five Activated (face up). The first time she is hit by an attack each beat, her opponent may choose and deactivate (turn face down) one of these five cards.

A face-down card’s effects stop working immediately. During the Ante Step, Runika can restore one artifact to active status by deactivating another one.

Reserve Supply Almighty Runika has 2 sets of five Artifact Cards, and she begins a duel with all five Activated (face up).The first time she is hit by an attack each beat, her opponent may choose and deactivate (turn face down) one of these cards.

A face-down card’s effects stop working immediately. During the Ante Step, Runika can restore one artifact to active status by deactivating another one. Whenever Runika would re-activate a deactivated artifact, she activates all copies of the same artifact. Each artifact must be disabled individually by opponents.

Personal Styles and BasesEdit

Color Name Range Power Priority Effect
Yellow Channeled +0 +1 +1

Start of Beat: Activate one artifact of your choice. If you do and are hit during this beat, this artifact will be deactivated (rather than the opponent choosing one).

End of Beat: Deactivate one artifact of your choice.

Red Overcharged +0 +0 +0

Start of Beat: Choose one of your activated artifacts and use its Overcharged effect this beat instead of its Active one. It cannot be deactivated this beat.

End of Beat: The artifact chosen during Start of Beat is removed from the game (an artifact removed this way cannot be returned to play).

Green Maintenance +0 -1 -1

Soak 1 for each deactivated artifact (even those deactivated by a hit this beat).

After Activating: Retreat 1 or 2 spaces.

Blue Impact +0 -1 +0

Before Activating: Advance 1 space.

On Hit: Push the opponent 1 or 2 spaces.

Orange Explosive +0 -1 +0

Start of Beat: Pull the nearest opponent up to 1 space.

On Hit: You may choose one of your active artifacts and deactivate it. If you do, gain +2 Power.

Grey Tinker 1 3 3

Stun Guard 3

After Activating: Activate one deactivated artifact. That artifact cannot be deactivated if you are hit during this beat.

FINISHER Udstad Beam 4~5 7 3

Stun Immunity. Artifacts do not apply their bonuses to this attack.

Start of Beat: Retreat up to 2 spaces.

FINISHER Artifice Avarice 1 3 3 Start of Beat: Activate all of Runika's artifacts. Artifacts are not disabled when you are hit this beat. Choose one of your artifacts to gain its 'Overcharged' effect this beat.

Artifact CardsEdit

Artifact Name While Active Overcharged
Shield Amulet Stun Guard 3 Stun Immunity, and ignore movement effects applied to you by opponents.
Phase Goggles +0~1 range +0~2 range, ignore Stun Guard
Hover Boots +2 Priority Start of Beat: You become the active player this beat.
Battlefist +1 Power +3 Power, ignore Soak
Autodeflector Soak 2 Soak 4, you ignore life loss effects

Unofficial Rule FAQsEdit

  • Q: Runika's Tinker states that the activated artifact cannot be deactivated if she was hit during this beat. Is this meant to be an if or a when?
A: This is meant to be a "when". (Official FAQ)
  • Q: Can Runika deactivate an artifact with Channeled that was activated with Tinker that beat?
A: Yes. They are her artifacts. Ultimately she gets to decide which of them she deactivates. (Official FAQ)
  • Q: When using Artifice Avarice do I get the 'Active' and 'Overcharged' effect of the artifact I choose to overcharge?
A: Yes, indeed. You gain both effects and the overcharged artifact isn't removed from the game either. (Official FAQ)


STRIKER Runika Zenanen
Unleashed Force Support 1~3 Stun Guard 6

This attack has -1 power for each point of damage you take during this beat.

On Hit: Push the opponent up to 3 spaces.

Destruction Blast Ante You have +0~1 range.
Fast Repair Boost End of Beat: If you were stunned, regain 3 life.
"Let's see if you can stand up to this one!"

Pixel Tactics UnitEdit

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Disc DuelersEdit

Attacks 1
Movements 2
After your turn, place your hand on the table so that Runika's disc is touching it. Each other disc touching it takes 1 damage.



BattleGUIDES Episode 10 - Runika-0

BattleGUIDES Episode 10 - Runika-0