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Mikhail Isen
Vital statistics
Title Hand of Divinity
Nation Celestial Plane
Physical attributes
Race Virian
Sex Male
Age 795
Fighting Style Unknown


Saint Mikhail Isen is a character that was added to Devastation of Indines as a Kickstarter stretch goal once funding reached $45,000.

Quotes: []
  • "...and thus the heavens were torn asunder."
  • "No mortal may escape the reach of the divinities - or me."
  • "I saw that there were more Saints than Deans in your world, so I was forced to conclude that being a Dean was a higher and more exclusive honor than being a Saint."


The Virian race hails from the Celestial Plane, which is filled with creatures who subsist on the prayers, faith, and dreams of individuals in Indines. Beings from this realm are sometimes sent across the planes to perform specific tasks. Mikhail is a hunter sent to eliminate those who violate the sanctity of death and to destroy those who are brought back from the other side.

Hepzibah's resurrection of the Overlord Rexan has not gone overlooked, and now forces from beyond Indines have sent Mikhail to hunt her. If he succeeds, he will send both her and those she has resurrected back to the Afterworld.


Powers & Abilities[]


Game appearances and playstyle[]

Devastation of Indines[]

  • In combat, Mikhail can form a conduit to the Celestial Plane to unleash incredible power. His abilities are karmic in nature, so he recharges his strength by being attacked (much like Eligor). Mikhail must balance his offense to make sure that he doesn't burn out his options too quickly or become outpaced by opponents.



Character Kit in BattleCon[]

Unique Abilities[]

Ability Name Character Version Description
Sealed Power Original

Mikhail has 3 Seal tokens, and begins the duel with all of them.  During each ante phase, he may ante a Seal Token.  If he does not, his styles are ignored.

At the end of a beat where Mikhail took any damage, he regains a Seal Token.

Karmic Chains Alternate Art

Mikhail has 3 Seal Tokens per opponent, and begins a game with none of them.

Each time he hits an opponent, he places a Seal Token into that opponent's token pool.

Opponents can ante Mikhail's Tokens for the following effects:

1 Token:  Mikhail has -1 Power this beat.

2 Tokens:  Mikhail's style is ignored this beat.

3 Tokens:  Mikhail does not hit the opponent this beat.

MIkhail can never spend Seal Tokens (as the opponent controls them).  If he is instructed to gain an extra Seal Token (such as by his Scroll base), he takes one away from the opponent instead.

Weakening the Seal EX Mikhail has 4 Seal tokens, and begins the duel with all of them.  During each ante phase, he may ante a Seal Token.  If he does not, his styles are ignored.

At the end of a beat where Mikhail took any damage, he regains a Seal Token.

Unsealed Strength Almighty Mikhail has 6 Seal Tokens, and begins the duel with all of them. During each Ante Step, he may ante 1 or 2 Seal Tokens. If he does not ante a Token, his Styles are ignored. If he antes a second Token he gains +2 Power and +2 Priority, in addition to the bonuses provided by his Styles.

At the end of a beat where Mikhail took any damage, he regains a Seal Token.

Personal Styles and Bases[]

Color Name Range Power Priority Effect
Yellow.jpg Immutable +0~1 +2 -3 Discard a Seal token the first time you are hit during this beat.  If you do, you have Soak 3.
Red.jpg Sacred +0~1 +1 +0 Attacks at range 3 or greater do not hit you or deal damage during this beat.
Green.jpg Transcendent +0~2 -1 -1

Stun Guard 5

Before Activating:  This attack has a Power Bonus equal to the damage Mikhail has taken during this beat.

Blue.jpg Apocalyptic +2~4 +3 -3

Stun Immunity, Soak 2

Mikhail cannot regain Seal Tokens during this beat.

Orange.jpg Hallowed +0~1 +3 +1

Start of Beat:  Pull an opponent 1 space.

On Damage:  Push the opponent up to 1 space per point of damage dealt.

Grey.jpg Scroll 1~2 2 2

Soak 1, Stun Guard 3

End of Beat:  Regain a Seal Token if you did not take any damage this beat.

FINISHER The Fourth Seal 1~2 7 6 This attack only hits the opponent if Mikhail has no remaining Seal Tokens.
FINISHER Magnus Malleus 2~4 2 5 On Hit:  Discard any number of Seal Tokens for +3 Power each.

Unofficial Rule FAQs[]

  • Q: Sacred states that attacks at range 3 or greater do not hit or deal damage to Mikhail. Does this prevent damage on attack pairs outside of the activation (i.e. Karin's Coordinated)?
A: Yes, it does. But make sure that Mikhail is indeed at range 3 or greater from your opponent's perspective. [K]arin uses Coordinated and [M]ikhail moves into [J]ager's space with Sacred: oKoJMoo - no damage; oKoMJoo - 2 damage. Do note that Jager prevents Mikhail from entering his space regardless. (Official FAQ)
  • Effects that move based on damage taken, like Mikhail's Hallowed, are intended to be as far as possible.


STRIKER Saint Mikhail Isen
Perfect Sanctuary Support 1~3 Soak 3

This attack only hits an opponent if that opponent hit you during this beat.

Radiant Aura Ante Spend up to 3 life. Gain Soak 1 for each life spent.
Mass Healing Boost End of Beat: All players regain 3 life.
"This evil must be stopped."

Pixel Tactics Unit[]

Ride of the Valkyries
}}} Appears in: Pixel Tactics 2 STR LIFE
Saint Mikhail Isen 4 19
Divinity 2 4
Leader At the end of each complete round, you may restore a corpse in your unit to full life.
Vanguard Attack: Remove 4 damage from a hero.
Flank Ranged Attack

When this hero deals damaage, remove that much damage from another hero.

Rear Ranged Attack

Check casualties for the target of this hero's attack immediately.

Order Each player restores all corpses to life. A player who restoresd fewer draws cards equal to the difference.

Disc Duelers[]

Attacks 2
Movements 2
During an enemy attack, you can hold this disc in place.




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