Sera Malephaise
Body Sera
Vital statistics
Title Daemon Sister
Nation Infernal
Physical attributes
Race Daemon
Sex Female
Age  ?
Fighting Style Unknown


Sera was one of the Backer's Choice characters to be potentially included in Devastation during the Kickstarter campaign, but failed to be elected by the community. She is featured in one of the cooperative dungeons of the game (The Well of Souls ) together with her sisters, and is a Backer's Choice character in Fate of Indines.

Sera also appears in the Pixel Tactics: Seven Sisters expansion.



Sera is the second-oldest of the Daemon sisters, and bears the Heart of Malephaise, a mystical box which consumes the souls of humans. Unlike the other sisters, Sera was born a Daemon, and exists only to serve the agenda of the Daemon King. She is a being who figures prominently in stories throughout the history of the world.


Powers & Abilities

Sera uses spellcraft passively, with mere thought, and can wound her enemies with a look or rend them apart with a touch. She uses the souls of those she captures as a source for her power, growing stronger with each new victim.


Game appearances and playstyle

Fate of Indines

Sera passively gains power over time, and gathers it even faster when she can land hits against her opponent. With enough of it, she is able to unleash powerful attacks, or even to instantly destroy her opponent.

Pixel Tactics: Seven Sisters



STRIKER Sera Malephaise
Heart of Darkness Support 1 Stun Guard 4

On Hit: This attack has +2 power if you have 10 or less life.

On Hit: This attack has +2 power if the opponent hit you during this beat.

Malice Conversion Ante You may spend 2 life. If you do, damage you take this beat is converted into life loss instead.
Negative Gain Boost During this beat, whenever you lose life, you gain that much life afterwards.
"I must be about my father's business."

Pixel Tactics Unit

Malevolent Morticians
PTSera Appears in: Pixel Tactics 2 STR LIFE
Sera Malephaise 4 22
Diablerist 1 3
Leader Opposing heroes have -1 Attack Strength for each corpse in their unit. Your heroes have +1 Attack Strength for each corpse in their wave of your unit.
Vanguard Heroes attacking this unit in melee have -3 Attack Strength.
Flank Attack: Clear a corpse. If you did, apply 3 damage to any hero.
Rear Attack: Choose a card at random from an opponent's hand. Place it face-down as a corpse in this unit.
Order Clear all corpses in your unit. For each corpse cleared this way, one hero has +1 Attack Strength this wave.

Disc Duelers

Attacks 1
Movements 3
Melee attack does +1 damage for each item the enemy disc has.