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Strikers is a small-box expansion to BattleCON that replaces Special Actions and provides new combinations of tactics. Support your character with your second-string fighter, or use Strikers in Tag Team play to call in your tag-partner for a quick assist.

Strikers contains all the characters from both BattleCon games, and even some future characters we have yet to meet on the battlefield! It is a true expansion, so you will need either the original BattleCON: War of Indines or the new BattleCON: Devastation of Indines game to use it.

Characters included in Strikers[]

Strikers includes all characters from both War of Indines and Devastation of Indines, as well as some new characters never seen before.

War of Indines Characters
Cadenza Cherri Seneca Demitras Denigrande
Hepzibah Culotre Hikaru Sorayama Kallistar Flarechild
Kehrolyn Ross Khadath Ahemusei Lixis Ran Kanda
Luc Von Gott Magdelina Larington Regicide Heketch
Rukyuk Amberdeen Sagas Seities Seth Cremmul
Tatsumi Nuoc Vanaah Kalmor

Zaamassal Kett

Devastation of Indines Characters
Adjenna Callista Alexian XXXVII Arec Russel Zane
Aria Byron Krane Cairngort Rexan
César Grist Clinhyde Eight Clive Melmont
Eligor Larington Endrbyt Gaspar Geddon
Gerard Matranga Iaxus the Shattered Joal Kalmor
Kaitlyn Van Sorrel Kajia Septie Salix Karin Brandtford
Lesandra Machan Lymn Malandrax Mecchi
Marmelee Greyheart Oriana Vellopholetta Ottavia Six
Pendros Schalla Runika Zenanen Saint Mikhail Isen
Shekhtur Lenmorre Tanis Trilives


Voco Astrum

Some characters from Fate also made their first appearances as Strikers.

Fate of Indines Characters
Alumis Lord Eustace Jager Brandtford
Larimore Burman

And other characters that haven't appeared on BattleCON yet.

Independent Characters
Abarene Hallicris Ainos Lockehart Alice Zero
Antine Frass Arret Draamivar Barnabas Mikal
Doc Silnan Eirene Lemna Kobor Kavri Shi Shorec
Ran Ugobia Sera Malephaise Tyrafelle Malentas

There are also seven Promo Strikers, four of them being part of Legacy character kit.

Promo Strikers
Absolute Zero Borneo Bunker

Larimore Burman

(dragon form)


With the remastered version of War of Indines, 16 new strikers will be added, even though they are not part of the Strikers Minibox expansion.

War Remastered Promo Strikers
Lucida Malephaise Merjoram Alexian Burgundy Twelve
Sarafina Vanedran Welsie Acktern Dareios Kuel
Rheye Cal Xenitia Zook Thessala Three
Uleyle Kimbhe Boris Rumaldi Dravil Coldwater
Trias Blackwind Wardlaw O'Brien Cindra Flama
Rixia Van Sorrel