Takeshi Kamikaze
Vital statistics
Title Weapon Summoner
Physical attributes
Sex Male
Fighting Style Unknown


Guest character from War of Indines.  Takeshi was only made available to backers of the original Kickstarter campaign as a print and play file.

With the Remastered campaign, Takeshi will be getting a re-release with updated art.


Takeshi is a guest character illustrated by Fabio Fontes.


Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Game appearances and playstyleEdit

BattleCon: War of IndinesEdit

  • Takeshi makes use of a stack of weapons that gives him different benefits and drawbacks depending on which weapon he's currently using. Getting hit causes Takeshi to drop his current weapon, effectively removing it from the game and forcing him to pull out another one from his stack.
    • Takeshi's weapons are similar in mechanics and function to Zamassal's paradigms. This is because Zamassal's unique ability was based of Takeshi's ability to toolbox weapons.

Character Kit in BattleConEdit

Unique AbilitiesEdit

Ability Name Character Version Description
Armed to the Teeth

Weapon Summoner

Original Takeshi has 8 different Weapon Cards, and each gives him an additional benefit that is applied to his attack pair as long as it is active.

At the start of the duel, pick a Weapon Card and activate it. Whenever he is stunned, Takeshi must discard his current Weapon Card and select another one to become Active. Weapon Cards discarded in this way are removed from the game and cannot be selected again.

* EX and Almighty effects are added to the original UA.

Personal Styles and BasesEdit

Color Name Range Power Priority Effect
Yellow Arsenal +0 -1 -1 This attack gains +1 Priority for every Weapon Card Takeshi has discarded during this duel.

This attacks gains +1 Power for every 2 Weapon Cards Takeshi has lost during this duel (rounded up).

Red Swift +0 -1 +1 Before Activating: Move 1 space.

End of Beat: Move 1 space.

Green Surprise +0 +0 -1

Start of Beat: Advance 1 or 2 spaces.

Start of Beat: You may remove Takeshi’s active Weapon Card from the game and select another to replace it.

Blue Heavy +0 +1 -2 Stun Guard 3

Takeshi may choose to ignore movement effects applied to him this Beat.

Orange Mobile +0 -1 +1 After Activating: Move 1 or 2 spaces.
Grey Throw 2~4 4 3

This attack ignores the Range modifiers and restrictions on your active Weapon Card.

After Activating: Remove your active Weapon Card from the game and choose a new one.

FINISHER Omega Destroyer 3~5 12 4

This attack ignores your active Weapon Card.

FINISHER Special Delivery 1~3 3 4

Reveal: All discarded Weapon Cards and any equipped Weapon Cards return to your Weapon Stack. Shuffle all of your Weapon Cards together and randomly select one. You have +2 Power and +2 Priority while that Weapon Card remains active.

Additional cards and tokensEdit

Weapon Cards
Weapon Range Power Priority Effect
Skull Blaster +1~2 +2 -2

Stun Guard 3

After Activating: Retreat 1 space.

The Spinner +1~4 -1 -1

The first time each beat an opponent moves into a space closer to Takeshi, the opponent loses 1 life.

After Activating: Retreat 1 space.

Toothpick +0 +1 +1

Your attacks do not hit at Range 2 or greater.

On Damage: Push the opponent 1 space for each point of damage done.

Texas Import +0~1 -1 +0

Your attacks ignore Soak. Your attacks do not hit at Range 3 or greater.

Musashi +0~1 +1 +1

Your attacks do not hit at Range 3 or greater. You lose all Soak and Stun Guard.

Chili dispenser +0~2 +2 -2

Your attacks ignore Stun Guard.

Butter Knife +0 -1 +2

Your attacks do not hit at Range 2 or greater.

Before Activating: Move 1 space.

After Activating: Move 1 space.

Breeze Shooters +0~4 -2 +1

On Hit: Push the opponent 1 space.