"We live in a World of Order. Everything around us moves according to reason. All things, living, dead, physical, spiritual, magical... all are subject to laws and bounds. As scientists, first and foremost, we study these laws–not in hopes of using our magic to break them, but to build upon them. 

"Your knowledge is a greater power than any magic, and only by combining your wits with your craft can you achieve the fullest potential–both in your creations and in yourselves. 

"Lend me your minds, students. I and my colleagues in the department of Technomancy will fill them with all you need to exceed every limitation." - Sophica Sentavra , Dean of Technomancy

Technomancy is the school of magic that deals with observable, repeatable phenomenon. Technomancers themselves don't use magic, but they build devices that contain, process, and manipulate the natural magical energy of the world. The Department of Technomancy on Argent University encompasses three schools:

  • Alchemy - Mystical biology and medicine, the creation of homunculi, and the transmutation of base elements.
  • Mechanics - The creation of fantastic machines that defy the laws of physics by magical means.
  • Artifice - The binding of enchantments to magical gear, creating items that have powerful mystical properties.

Notable known TechnomancersEdit