Sanghalim Crest

In the West, the people of the Theocracy of Sanghalim live within and atop the great rock spires of the desert.

Sanghalim is a vast desert empire led by the voice of its living deity, Kallimerina, the Avatar of Sanghalia, the goddess of life and water. Serving the avatar are a circle of elite oracles, paladins, and priests.

Bands of tropical islands branch off of the southern coast of the nation, which also shares a large border with Gesselheim . This border is a constant source of contention, as Sanghalese paladins are constantly vigilant against all manner of dark creatures and monstrosities wandering out the southern wastelands in search of food

The people of Sanghalim are proud and hardy, but also xenophobic and closed-minded, wary of accepting foreign aid or trade, and prone to holy wars against the Gesselhemians.

Kallimerina ,the avatar of Sanghalia, the life/water goddess, rules over the nation. Kallimerina is a cripple who heals and purifies with her touch, growing weaker as she gives away her own life to heal the land and her people.

Life in SanghalimEdit

Sanghalim is a rugged and lawless place, so personal honor and strength are valued highly, and outsiders are not easily trusted.

Places of InterestEdit

Reliquary in Ankrokhasia

  • This tribal temple houses ancient relics of dark potency. As a holding place for the most dangerous evil magics in the world, it is adequately warded against all manner of evil powers.

Temple of the Sun

  • A massive complex that rises and sets from beneath the Sanghalese Desert. Watched over by the vengeful ancient warrior-king Altnam.

Notable SanghalimiansEdit

Kallimerina , Avatar of Sanghalia

  • Living goddess and ruler of Sanghalim
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