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BattleCon: Trials of Indines[]

The fourth complete BattleCON set is titled “Trials of Indines”.

In September 2016, lvl99games launched a Kickstarter campaign to release a ten-character set of BattleCON meant as a true "starter set," with quality of life updates to components and character storage solutions.


Trials' story follows Fate's as a part of the Relic Hunters arc of Indines/BattleCON lore.

The inciting incidents in Trials primarily revolve around Vault Keys, purported to unlock passage to the Underlands, a world beneath Indines, containing powerful magic and great treasure, long-since sealed away. Some cast members happened upon such keys by chance, others seek them for glory and gain, others to prevent the keys, and the power they could lead to, from falling into the wrong hands, but ultimately, these are the center of character motivation and action in Trials.


Trials´ roster is composed of 10 characters, divided into the 5 flight system introduced in Devastation, though only the first 4 flights are represented:

Flight 1:

Flight 2:

Flight 3:

Flight 4:

Furthermore, 3 promo characters were added as a result of met stretch goals for Trials' Kickstarter:

Additionally, each character, including promos, shipped with their own complete set of generic bases, and a tuckbox sized to hold all their cards, sleeved, plus their character standup and any additional components.