Vital statistics
Title Golem
Nation Jeffreys
Physical attributes
Race Golem
Sex Undefined
Age Unknown
Fighting Style Unknown


First featured in Devastation of Indines. He appears as a Boss under the control of Runika

Quotes: Edit


Runika is the Master Armiger of the Jeffrian Artificers–one of the most renowned crafters of mystical weapons and armor in the world. Udstad is her personal project. A refurbished ancient golem based on the materials that she found during her exploration of ancient ruins.


Udstad is a hulking human-form colossus towering 3 times higher than a regular human. Its frontal frame resembles a big stone face and contains a cockpit from which Runika can control him.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

As a mechanical construct it has superior strength and endurance. Unlike Endrbyt or Aria , Udstad doesn´t seem to have autonomy and thus can only be operated by an artificer much like the Cadenza series.

On the other side, Udstad has featured in Pixel Tactics and Strikers as a separate card as Runika wich may indicate that she doesn´t need to be onboard for him to be operative.


Game appearances and playstyleEdit

Devastation of IndinesEdit


Pixel Tactics


Devastation BossEdit

Runika pilots her completed golem Udstad to take on 3 or 4 opponents at once.

Udstad does not use standard styles or bases. Instead, he has 16 different cards that he arranges into attacks. One controls Udstad's left hand, one contrels his right, and one controls his body.

Head attacksEdit

Name Range Priority Power Effects
Accelerator N/A 11 0

Before activating: Activate one of your hand attacks now (it still activates again later)

Cannon 3~4 2 8

Stun Guard 4

This attack hits a single target in range.

Flamejet 1 7 2 On Hit: The opponent is stunned.
Gravitron 3~4 3 3

Stun Guard 5

On Hit: Pull each hit opponent up to 2 spaces.

Repulsor 1~2 5 1

Stun Guard 3

On Hit: Push each hit opponent any number of spaces.

Shield - - - Armor 3 per opponent.

Hand attacksEdit

Name Range Priority Power Effects
Blast 1~2 6 2 On Hit: Move the opponent up to 3 spaces.
Double Crush 1~3 0 6

Stun Immunity

Your other hand attack does not hit or deal damage during this beat.

Punch 3~4 0 4 Stun Immunity
Slam 2~3 4 3 Stun Guard 4
Sweep 1~4 1 3 Stun Guard 4


Megaton Punch Support 3~4 Stun Guard 3
Deflector Array Ante You have Soak 1 this beat.
Stand In Boost When you are hit, you have Stun Guard equal to the number of spaces between you and the attacking opponent.
"Might I suggest the use of overwhelming force to resolve this?"

Pixel Tactics Unit Edit

Shock and Awesome
PTUdstad Appears in: Pixel Tactics 3 STR LIFE
Udstad 4 26
Golem 3 8
Leader Whenever an opponent recruits a hero, that hero restructures as far backwards as possible in the same column of his unit.
Vanguard All opposing ranged attacks must target this hero. Your unit cannot declare ranged attacks.
Flank Attack: Do 3 damage to this hero and each enemy hero in melee.
Rear Attack: Do 4 damage to a hero in melee.
Order Do 3 damage to each hero in all units.